Press Releases

    MULTIVAC Offers the Right Solution for Every Need

    MULTIVAC is one of the few suppliers up to now in the market, which is able to cover all aspects of portion packaging and to offer the right solution to meet the customer’s individual requirements. MULTIVAC also has a wide range of thermoforming packaging machines available. A complete and comprehensive range of cutting tools also enables many different pack geometries to be produced. Up to now solutions for producing portion packs were primarily based on high-output packaging machines, which are equipped with a complete cutting tool and designed for large pack quantities. In future, MULTIVAC will also be able to offer a new shape and contour cutter, which can be used on all thermoforming packaging machines, even on compact models. This means producing portion packs is economically viable even on entry-level machines. The investment costs are quickly amortized, the wearing parts are cost-effective, and film consumption is reduced significantly due to the trim-free cutting unit. MULTIVAC’s advantage in expertise in regard to die technology and automation creates many benefits for manufacturers of portion packs: and the innovative cutting technology, which is designed to meet specific requirements, leads to a reduction in packaging material consumption, lower costs for trim disposal and a higher level of machine availability. Thanks to its comprehensive machine range, efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions can be used, which are tailored to specific needs and deliver the desired packaging results with the required output – whether it is on compact entry-level machines or high-output packaging lines.