Press Releases

    TSCA 160: An Economical Packaging Solution

    Sealing and clipping with a single machine. This economic high performance makes the TSCA 160 very flexible in production and offers a high level of automation and outstanding hygiene. This is thanks to the fully automatic self-regulating processes. The TSCA 160 is ideal for industrial production of dairy products in plastic films up to a diameter of 160 mm at 160 cycles a minute in continuous mode. This is state-of-the-art clipping and sealing technology for even more efficient production and for big diameters. With Poly-clip System's TSCA 160 customers can save cash, thanks to use of inexpensive flat films. The film is taken from the roll and sealed to a ready-to-fill film tube, which is then filled and securely clipped in the integrated clipping unit using the double-clipping process. Up to 3,300 meters of flat film can be produced, making for over four hours of continuous production. The operator does not need to intervene and correct the film length, thus guaranteeing constant automatic production. The film and clip ends and lack of output from the filling unit are automatically monitored. The high degree of automation of this TSCA allows for a considerable measure of process monitoring, involving for example the parameters stored in recipe management. When irregularities occur the TSCA 160 automatically displays a warning. The operator is intuitively guided by self-explanatory pictograms through the flat menu structure of the SAFETY TOUCH panel.