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    Symrise Unlocks the CODE OF NATURE

    Fresh fruit flavor

    Fruits, roots, seeds, barks, herbs, blossoms and nuts. Nature offers plenty of ideas for inspirational beverage concepts, whether it’s carbonates, teas, juices or alcoholic beverages.
    Consumers love the taste of nature. Naturalness is generally popular around the world, both in mature and emerging markets. At Symrise, experts consolidated their expertise in the strategic platform CODE OF NATURE® and developed beverage concepts that are attractive based on their naturalness. The company looked into naturalness from different perspectives: consumer needs, expert knowledge, cutting-edge technologies, etc. To find out, which aspects of naturalness appeal to consumers, what consumers look for and what they associate with nature we conducted an extensive study. For this, the company interviewed consumers in five countries and enriched the findings with the opinions of industry experts. In its study, Symrise examined what naturalness means to consumers, what they expect of certain drink segments and what products and the packaging should look like. Therefore the company knows how a drink should taste like and which additional characteristics will boost the impression of naturalness. It uses this detailed consumer and market know-how to develop winning beverage concepts. Fruity Essentials® are 100 percent authentic and natural forming the second portfolio of CODE OF NATURE®. This contains red fruits, garden fruits, exotic fruits and citrus fruits. Using its sophisticated, multidimensional technologies, the company captures fresh fruit flavors for impressive beverage concepts for its customers.