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    Turning Up the Heat in Food Formulations

    Regional flavors 

    Creating the right amount of heat in a food product can be a difficult and delicate process. Consumers are no longer satisfied with the addition of just one type of pepper; they are looking for different flavor profiles, increased levels of heat, and more complex heat. Sophistication is important when developing a hot and spicy food product. There are several ways to add heat to snacks, sauces, and prepared meals that can take the ordinary to a culinary creation. The Kalsec® Heat Management Toolbox can help its customers navigate through the nuances of adding heat to their specific food application. Manufacturers can rely on the company’s experts in flavor, applications and sensory analysis to isolate and develop the ideal heat expression for their products. Below is an overview of the toolbox.

    Specialty Pepper Extracts
    From subtle to sizzling, adding an individual extract such as black pepper, ginger or capsicum can provide manufacturers with the heat level they desire. By incorporating extracts into their application, they can achieve a consistent heat throughout their product, which can be difficult to do with peppers that can vary in their intensity and flavor profile from batch to batch. The company has a full line of specialty pepper extracts that not only provide the level of heat customers are looking for, but also a specific flavor profile. The company’s line of specialty peppers is comprised of twelve different extracts, ranging from low heat such as ancho and pasilla, to medium heat such as jalapeno and chipotle, to high heat such as habanero and ghost pepper extract. The newest extracts include green hatch and serrano pepper extracts. The green hatch is a mild heat and the serrano provides a medium level of heat.

    Adding Complexity with HeatSync® Systems and Fusionary® Heat
    Consumers are craving more sophisticated spicy profiles as their knowledge of cuisines from around the world increases. Kalsec® HeatSync® Systems provide nuances to the heat of the manufacturers’ products that provide control over pungency intensity, location of the pungency on the tongue, the timing of pungency and the sensation or pungent perception. Created from unique combinations of pungent ingredients and carriers, these systems give customers’ application a specific heat profile developed based on their specifications. Companies looking for a novel addition to their heat profile, should try Fusionary® Heat flavor, which combines heat with a non-traditional flavor to create a unique sensory experience. These products provide an incomparable depth to heat expression and can include such elements as savory, sour, sweet and tangy.

    Elevating a Simple Flavor to a Culinary Creation 
    Adding heat to an application can be an easy way to develop a quick product line extension. However, if companies are looking to develop authentic regional flavor profiles such as Shawarma, Mortadella and Baharat, working with a supplier such as Kalsec®, they can achieve the specific regional flavors to their snacks, dressings and prepared meals. The company’s full line of spice and herb flavor extracts can be combined into a single system that can provide its clients with a consistent flavor profile. It has an extensive portfolio of existing flavor systems that they can use in their formulation development. Flavor profile categories include Asian, Mediterranean, Indian, American, Mexican, and Latin American. The company’s global applications experts can assist companies in developing the profile based on their particular desires. Whether they are adding heat, looking to create layered flavors, or adding a twist to a regional flavor profile, Kalsec® solutions can provide them with the right tools and expertise for their application.