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    DuPont Nutrition & Health Increases the Appeal of Dairy-Free Drinks

    DuPont Grindsted Gellan MAS 100 

    DuPont Nutrition & Health (DuPont) announces that it has made it easier for beverage manufacturers to produce stable soy, almond and other plant-based drinks with a refreshing texture and a clean label. Utilizing a new ingredient in the DuPont™ Danisco® range, manufacturers can obtain all the functionality they need without mixing in other additives. The gelling ingredient is GRINDSTED® GELLAN MAS 100 – otherwise known as gellan gum – and is the label-friendly stabilizer for non-dairy beverages made with pulses, grains, nuts and plant-derived protein. Previously produced by DuPont for ingredient systems, it is now available as a single ingredient for the first time. “The main driver is the demand for dairy-free drinks for lactose-intolerant consumers. According to the latest market intelligence, close to 25% of European consumers are reducing or avoiding dairy products in their diet for health reasons,” says Jean-Baptiste Dufeu, DuPont global product manager. “Our ingredient enables manufacturers to respond to this trend by stabilizing particles in plant-based beverages and creating a refreshingly smooth texture. Consumers experience a refreshing drink with an authentic flavor profile.” Market analysts at Euromonitor and Innova Market Insights have registered an explosion in sales of plant-based drinks. In 2016, sales in Western Europe alone reached USD1.5 billion. Soy beverages accounted for around USD1 billion of those sales – a dominant position that is now being challenged by the rise of drinks based on rice, almond and oats. 

    Shelf Life Extension & Color Stability for Meat and Poultry

    Chicken with rosemary

    Convenience, health and cleaner labels are key considerations in consumer eating preferences.  Meat and poultry processors are one sector of the food industry that continue to look for ways to meet the demands of consumers, which can vary greatly depending on age, gender and lifestyle. Convenience can range from prepared meals from the supermarket to at-home delivery of a meal that just needs to be heated before eating. Either of these options can create processing, storage and packaging challenges for food manufacturers. In addition, many consumers are looking for healthier options when choosing meat and poultry, which can result in the purchase of leaner cuts of meat and poultry (or lower quality) or replacing them completely. This can create oxidation challenges depending on the fat content, quality or cut of meat. The third key factor is cleaner labels. In many regions of the world, the consumer shift to foods with cleaner label options continues to drive processors to find alternatives to synthetic antioxidants. Extending shelf life in meat and poultry products while offering cleaner label options have resulted in the industry searching for new ways to improve shelf life while maintaining flavor and color stability. In the past, adding a synthetic ingredient was one of the easiest ways to gain extended shelf life while controlling costs. Consumer preference for simpler ingredients has made this solution less preferred, and manufacturers are now using natural antioxidants derived from spices and herbs in place of synthetics. What are some options for how food manufacturers can create balance between taste, price and healthy options for the consumer?

    Naturally sourced antioxidants

    Rosemary is one of the most favorable herbs to be used as an antioxidant in a wide range of food applications, including meat and poultry. When used in these applications, the flavor and aroma of rosemary is often less objectionable than other spices and herbs and therefore is a good choice for use as an antioxidant. To gain the advantage of added flavor protection and additional shelf life, a natural antioxidant that combines rosemary extract with other antioxidants has proven to be an effective clean label replacement for BHA, BHT, propyl gallate and TBHQ. Kalsec has a full range of antioxidant solutions, including Herbalox Rosemary Extract and Duralox Oxidation Management Systems. 

    herbalox rosemary extract

    In meat and poultry applications oxidation occurs rapidly, often within hours of processing. The early incorporation of ingredients which inhibit oxidation of tissue phospholipids and/or chelate liberated iron is effective in delaying the development of off-flavors and extending shelf life. Using a natural ingredient such as a Herbalox Rosemary Extract has been proven effective in inhibiting lipid oxidation. The mild, complimentary flavor of rosemary extract can provide savory background notes to meat or poultry product in addition to inhibiting oxidation.  

    Duralox oxidation management systems

    At Kalsec, all mechanisms causing oxidative deterioration are reviewed to provide maximum protection resulting in prolonged shelf life of products. Duralox® Oxidation Management Systems are based on the use of Herbalox Rosemary Extract, green tea, acerola and/or mixed tocopherols plus the addition of quenchers and/or chelators. Utilizing component synergism, Duralox Oxidation Management Systems provide maximum protection from multiple aspects of oxidative deterioration. Duralox Oxidation Management Systems are designed for specific product and processing conditions unique to each application. 

    Selecting a supplier

    Kalsec antioxidant applications scientists build upon more than 30 years of experience in producing, developing and supporting natural oxidation management products. By working with the Kalsec Antioxidant team, customers are assured of finding the best product or system to manage oxidation in their meat and poultry applications. Worldwide cross-functional application laboratories are available in North America, Europe and Asia.

    Linx Underlines its Coding Expertise

    Linx CSL Lasers

    Linx Printing Technologies’ ability to provide cost-effective coding and marking solutions across a wide variety of applications demonstrated at Interpack, where the company showcased models across its many different ranges of equipment and technologies. Underlining Linx’s ongoing commitment to continual and proactive new product development, highlights included the newest additions to the company’s continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers and laser coders, which represent significant advances in the technologies, along with examples from its thermal transfer, thermal inkjet and case coder ranges. The full range of Linx laser coding solutions were on display including the newly launched Linx CSL10 and CSL30. These new coders have opened up the benefits of laser to more companies and applications.  Key benefits are even faster printing speeds over previous models and greater versatility - making the coders ideal for a wider variety of products - along with quicker and easier installation and set-up that help to make laser coding simpler and more accessible. The recently-launched Linx 8900 series and Linx 10 have both further extended the capabilities of CIJ printing. The Linx 8900 has been designed to provide the highest levels of ease of use and help maximize efficiencies during production for valuable cost and time savings.  As part of Linx’s policy of continuous improvement, a number of new features have now been introduced. These include the first-in-class Advanced System Monitoring which provides a continual check of the printer’s operation in terms of ink system running parameters and environmental conditions to maximize efficiencies.

    Meadco Launches Scriptx 8.0


    MeadCo's browser add-on, ScriptX, enables controlled and consistent printing from Internet Explorer, essential for the accuracy and efficiency needed by the retail and e-commerce industry. The latest release, ScriptX 8.0, is officially launched and is designed specifically for use on Microsoft's newest edition, Internet Explorer 11. The key benefits of the ScriptX product are ensuring consistent formatting and appearance of the printed output of browser-hosted content from any local or networked printer. This is regardless of the printing configurations already set in each individual computer's Internet Explorer (IE) browser. This means that hang tags, barcodes, shipping labels, point of sale, returns forms and more can be printed correctly first time, every time, identically, from all devices. The new aspects in the ScriptX 8.0 release include the main installers being dramatically reduced in size and the introduction of a new ability to control the smallest scale factor. MeadCo has designed ScriptX 8.0 as, from last year, Microsoft only provides technical support and security updates to the most current version of IE. MeadCo foresees that many of its customers may choose to update to IE 11 on all their client PCs and wants its offering to reflect the very latest technology. However, the ‘MeadCo Promise' guarantees continued support for ScriptX to all licensees, even when Microsoft introduces newer versions and updates*. This means that MeadCo will continue to provide technical support, bug fixes and security updates to users of ScriptX on earlier versions of IE. 

    KOMET Expands its Range of Thermoforming Machines


    The successful thermoforming line “Sprinter” made by KOMET is from now on available to process film width of 322 mm and 422 mm as well as with a variable cut off length of 200 mm up to 300 mm. Thus, the users can create larger packaging in the future and respond even more rapidly and variably to different requirements. The SPRINTER is unique in many aspects. It is much smaller and more compact than similar machines of its kind clients can purchase on the market – without having to forego the operating comfort. To the contrary. With its length of 2.7 m it also fits into small rooms. But in spite of the little external dimensions, three complete uses to infeed the products are available due to the extremely long infeed area. Therefore, it would be possible to work extremely efficiently – also with several persons at a time. The implementation of the Vario-tool enables and contributes to a substantial flexibility to process different products. It ensures a very rapid format change and even the film is being replaced in no time. The SPRINTER is up to five times more rapid than a chamber machine and thus it lives up to its name. But not only speed distinguishes the SPRINTER from other machines. Due to a new hydraulic lifting system, the compressed air consumption is very low, which makes the price of the thermoforming machine unbeatable low compared to conventional systems.

    Meatless Alternatives for the Mass Market

    Hydrosol applications technology

    The boom in vegan meat substitutes continues. A study by market research institute Mintel shows that the greatest growth is among flexitarians with reduced consumption of meat. According to the study, last year 18 percent of Germans ate more meat alternatives than the previous year. Mintel talks of a paradigm change, as niche vegetarians turn into mass-market flexitarians, and the market potential for meat alternative products is correspondingly high. But such products are only successful if their taste and consistency compare favorably to the meat product, and if they offer health benefits and ideally also address the ongoing convenience trend. Hydrosol has developed a new stabilizing and texturing system that lets manufacturers of meat alternatives address the wishes of ever broader target groups. Vegan nuggets suitable for hot consumption are a current example.  What's special about these nuggets is their meat-like texture, which is achieved with the aid of HydroTOP High Gel. “The system is based on a specific combination of hydrocolloids and fibers that act as emulsifying and stabilizing components,” explains Dr Carsten Carstens, head of Product Development for meat and sausage products at Hydrosol. “First an emulsion is made with HydroTOP High Gel 30, oil and water. This stabilizes the hydratised texturate through thermoreversible gelling, meaning that heating the formable mass turns it into a product that is pleasantly firm to the bite.” Treating the texturate with the HydroTOP emulsion creates a formable, slightly sticky meat analogue comparable to a ground meat mass used for meatballs and the like. Thanks to this adhesive property, vegetables with smooth surfaces like corn or peas can be worked into the mass without problems. The meat substitute mass can be individually seasoned and produced continuously on a conventional line. HydroTOP High Gel 30 is suitable for all standard commercial wheat, soy and pea protein-based texturates. “In application, the synergies and interactions between HydroTOP and the protein texturate are used to full effect,” reports Dr Carstens. “High Gel 30 turns the fibrous structure of the texturate into a meat-like structure.” The vegan nuggets can be pan or deep-fried, and in addition to their texture they offer another clear advantage – they are very declaration-friendly. The products aren’t just vegan, they can also be advertised as free of soy and gluten. Furthermore, they use neither flavor enhancers nor phosphates. Besides vegan nuggets, manufacturers can use HydroTOP High Gel 30 with the texturates from the Hydrosol Stabiprot series to make many other products. Examples include vegan burgers and patties, as well as vegan schnitzel with breading. All products can be deep-frozen without problems. In addition, with High Gel 30 all other formed ground meat, fish, poultry, diced ham and similar products can be made at low cost with excellent quality. The meat and fish products have a firm bite, are juicy, and retain their shape. Hydrosol GmbH & Co. KG headquartered in Ahrensburg near Hamburg, Germany, is a fast-growing international supplier of food stabilizers, with subsidiaries around the world. Its specialists develop and produce tailor-made stabilizer systems for dairy products, ice cream and desserts, delicatessen and ready meals, as well as meat, sausage and fish products. With its international network of 15 subsidiaries and numerous qualified foreign representatives, the company is represented in the world's key markets. As a member of the independent, owner-operated Stern-Wywiol Gruppe with a total of eleven sister companies, Hydrosol can make use of many synergies. The company has access to the knowledge of some 70 R&D specialists and to the extensive applications technology of the Group's large Technology Centre in Ahrensburg.

    Marel Poultry and Harim Korea Go Sky High

    Harim Iksan plant

    Marel Poultry has been chosen to equip one of the world's largest poultry processing plants. The Harim company in South Korea will install four new Marel Poultry processing lines, spread over five different floors in the fully modernized plant in the city of Iksan. The South Korean enterprise Harim Co. selected Marel Poultry to be the main supplier for the modernization of the Iksan factory. Both companies know each other very well, since the Dutch manufacturer of poultry processing solutions already installed many advanced systems in Harim's plants in Korea and the USA. "We have great confidence in Marel Poultry and their people. We highly appreciate the cooperation and it's always a pleasure working with them," says Kim, Chairman of Harim. The complete reconstruction of the Iksan factory involves an extension to six (later even to seven) processing lines. Four new high speed Marel Poultry lines will be installed, which will turn this plant into one of the largest poultry processing facilities in Asia! A unique feature will be the impressive visitor's center, including a 500 meters long windowed corridor which offers a complete view of the production process in the factory. It illustrates the vision of openness of Chairman Kim. "We like to show how our operations succeed in producing good quality and healthy chicken meat with a strong focus on hygiene, food safety and good working conditions." The four new Marel Poultry processing lines will make use of the latest technologies in scalding, defeathering, evisceration and chilling. Stork Nuova, the world's most efficient eviscerator with integrated giblet harvesting line, will be at the heart of the evisceration department. All four lines will include low maintenance, self-calibrating high speed SmartWeighers and advanced equipment monitoring. In Korea, little land is available for building, as 75% of the country is covered by mountains. Harim cleverly solved this problem by designing a five story high building, attached to the existing plant, extending their existing 80,000 m2 production area to 150,000 m2. Spacious air chill tunnels, which use proven Stork DownFlow "Plus" technology, will be positioned on the top floor. A Stork overhead conveyor system distributes broilers to all departments, keeping all processes completely inline. In Harim's Iksan plant, this conveyor bridges a spectacular height difference of more than 20 meters, necessary to reach all stories. This exceptional plant will bring poultry processing literally to new heights. Marel Poultry is global supplier of innovative inline poultry processing equipment for broilers, turkeys and ducks, providing solutions for all process stages and all capacity levels. 

    Schur Flexible Introduces High-Performance Skinfreshtop Films


    Schur Flexibles’ extensive SkinFreshTop range includes excellent, high-performance printable skin films which meet the highest demands even when sealing against mono materials. 

    Schur Flexibles' innovative film range, available in thicknesses from 80 µm to 200 µm, is excellent for packaging fresh, marinated or smoked poultry products and is suitable for chilled, pasteurized, microwave or water bath applications. Thanks to an EVOH high barrier, the films provide an excellent oxygen and aroma barrier for maximum product protection and extended shelf-life. SkinFreshTop features excellent machinability for various thermoforming and tray-sealing applications. The films are particularly durable and assure reliable packaging for challenging products such as meat with bones and frozen products. The skin process is perfect for the packaged goods and tightly skins the products, making for an eye-catching retail presentation either upright or horizontally. 

    Excellent sealing properties
    Thanks to a wide choice of materials, Schur Flexibles’ SkinFreshTop range offers brand owners or processors the highest degree of packaging flexibility. The films have excellent sealing characteristics thanks to the use of special sealing layers: They reliably seal the pack and provide maximum product protection even if the seal surface is contaminated. In conjunction with peelable bottom films or premade trays, SkinFresh top films create a convenient peel opening experience for customers. Schur Flexibles meets the growing demand for sealing against mono materials, supporting recyclability by producing a more sustainable pack. 

    Transparency, gloss, and printability
    The company’s innovative SkinFreshTop films add value to packaged products in terms of appearance through their special transparency and high gloss that give the material a superior look. Thanks to the innovative rotogravure sandwich printing technology with up to eight colors, the films ideally showcase the brand – ensuring a particularly attractive retail presentation. 

    Ultrathin, safe and antifog properties
    Highly transparent TopGuard laminate from Schur Flexibles boasts excellent mechanical strengths while only 50 µm thin. Its high barrier layers of polyamide (PA) and/or ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) ensure longer shelf life and maximum freshness of MAP-packaged products such as fresh fillets, tenders or whole chicken thighs. TopGuard is characterized by outstanding antifog properties ensuring perfect product visibility at all times. 

    Secure sealing
    TopGuard is suitable for both tray-sealing and thermoforming packaging processes and guarantees maximum product safety thanks to excellent sealing properties: even contaminated sealing edges will be safely closed. The peelable sealing layer based on PP allows for easy opening by allowing the top film to be peeled off the preformed tray or thermoformed bottom film without leaving any residue. 

    Excellent branding possibilities
    TopGuard films can be printed with flexo as well as rotogravure printing in up to 11 colors. For an eye-catching appearance at the “point of sale”, optional matt or glossy effects are possible. Thanks to these outstanding properties, TopGuard is an ideal film system for the meat and poultry processing industry. The durable film is also suitable for thermal or microwave applications. The Schur Flexibles Group with its headquarter in Baden near Vienna and around 1.400 employees has specialized in innovative, high quality and made-to-measure high-barrier packaging solutions for the food, tobacco and pharmaceutical industries. With its integrated chain of added value, from extrusion via print and laminating to extensive bag-making. Schur Flexibles encompasses 12 companies with 14 production plants in Germany, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Greece and Russia, all of them highly specialized and each of them enjoying technology-leadership status in its own field. This centre-of-excellence concept makes the Group an attractive and expert partner for client companies in selected branches. The Group is one of the top 10 European companies in the industry.

    FCA 140 Up-To-The-Minute Performance

    FCA 140

    The sausage manufacturer who invests in the new FCA 140 from Poly-clip System benefits enormously from the shortest downtimes associated with casing change, cleaning and maintenance. Maximum process reliability and user safety, as well as a high degree of operator comfort, are the outstanding features of this new automatic double-clipper. State-of-the-art in every detail of a clipping machine, whether it be its revolutionary safety technology, its monitoring features or just minor improvements, the FCA 140 sets a new standard in terms of machine performance and availability, and thus the efficiency of the modern automatic double-clipper. The semi-automatic operating concept of front flap and optional casing brake assistant reduces to a minimum the amount of manual intervention by the operator during casing change and thus increases the productivity of the clipping machine. Production time is saved by the front flap opening automatically when the filling horn is swiveled, and this saving builds up over the course of a single shift. The FCA 140 combines the advantages of minimum set-up times with maximum operator safety. And the new safety casing brake with hand guard guarantees maximum protection; when making adjustments, the safety distance towards the voiding separator is always observed. Furthermore, safety monitoring is such that unintentional production start without the casing brake is impossible. Safety and reliability, a rapid start-up and continuous production – these are the features that make the machine so efficient. Sensors for recognition of separator hole size and clip pressure setting, a clipping auto-stop system which monitors the end of the clip supply on the reel, and sensors for casing end and loop end recognition are essential equipment features of this double-clipper. Its compact, robust design and low noise level make for an agreeable work environment. And its ease of maintenance helps to ensure maximum service life and thus protect the value of the investment: consolidation of lubrication points into a lubrication bar or optional central lubrication machine cycle-dependent. The FCA 140 reliably closes collagen casings of caliber up to 58 mm, fibrous casings up to 90 mm as well as plastic casings up to 150 mm. It operates at a speed of up to 156 cycles per minute in continuous operation. The R-ID clip series, ideally suited to this application, ensures a smooth closing procedure which requires the operation of smaller forces, with the result that wearing parts are less heavily loaded. And indispensable for a visually appealing end product with short sausage shoulders is the linear voiding separator. This increases the sausage slice yield. The R-ID clip shape guarantees uniform pleating of the casing. The clip sits centrally on the tail and the special inner profile means that it exerts a greater holding force on the casing. As a result, depending on the product and with plastic casings, the closure is bacteria-tight. This clearly improves the flexibility of the product in terms of supply management, so that the shelf-life does not have to be unnecessarily shortened. And finally, the geometry of the safety-coated punches and dies also has a wear-reducing effect.

    Technology 4.0

    Matthias Niemeyer - Chairman of the Executive Management Board, KHS

    At drinktec, the KHS Group will be exhibiting the future of filling and packaging systems under the motto "Technology 4.0". In Munich, this systems supplier will be presenting its new systems for all container segments. "Technology 4.0 means that innovative strength and future viability continue to characterize our systems and services. The focus of attention here is on the innovative use of digitization as well as new concepts throughout the entire production process," explains Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Niemeyer, Chairman of the Executive Management Board. This enables KHS to optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) of its customers and ensure greater sustainability in all processes. The exhibits to be presented in Munich include absolute world innovations in virtually all areas of application. More and more water is being bottled in PET worldwide. KHS has long since been meeting the requirements of this trend. Together with its customers, the company develops lightweight bottles with characteristics that are ideal for production, logistics and eye-catching presentation at the point of sale. Combined with the trend towards space-saving blocked systems that facilitate operation, KHS offers optimum systems to meet all requirements. Visitors will have the opportunity to see such an extremely space-saving system at the exhibition booth. The company also offers small- and medium-sized bottlers technology and know-how that have proven effective at the highest level. The systems supplier has integrated established technology of can and keg fillers, for example, into new systems for smaller quantities. KHS will also be presenting a compact solution for labeling that is likewise tailor-made to meet the requirements of the lower capacity segment. Common to all developments is the capability of enabling the machines to grow in size in accordance with increasing quantities with simple upgrades.

    Gebo Cermex to Answer Needs of Smart Beverage Factories

    Cobotic FlexiLoad

    Gebo Cermex, part of the Sidel Group, will showcase a range of innovative material handling solutions at Drinktec 2017, including the latest developments in automation and connectivity to help secure greater performance from bottling lines in evolving and demanding markets. Ludovic Tanchou, Vice President Strategy, Products and Innovation at Gebo Cermex, said – “Producers operating in the beverage market need performance across their supply chains which delivers in several areas: reliability and predictability, flexibility and agility, low total costs, product and brand quality, low resource use and environmental impact. At Drinktec we will be demonstrating how Gebo Cermex can help customers secure performance over time via future-proof solutions and market-tailored innovations.” Among the latest developments on show are: AQ Flex® - a breakthrough universal all-in-one conveying solution which delivers unprecedented packaging line performance, unrivalled output speed and unique agility. Tanchou continues – “The packaging industry is looking to find new ways to realize the potential of the fourth industrial revolution by creating a digital factory that can increase performance while reducing non-productive sequences and keep costs to a minimum. As part of our award-winning Sidel Group Agility 4.0™ program, we will show how manufacturers can achieve this and meet consumer demands for more customized products, shifting from mass production to mass customization and gaining the many benefits of Industry 4.0, without compromising on key performance criteria such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), total cost of ownership (TCO) and sustainability.”

    Smart Sensors for Efficient Machine Communication

    Compact stainless-steel sensor 

    At this year’s drinktec, SICK will present sensors for an automated production process for the food and beverage industry. The sensors not only communicate at the controller level, but also at the higher data level. The additional interface to the data or software system enables new analyses and functions to be performed, which increase flexibility, quality, efficiency, and transparency in production. Backward compatibility means that SICK sensors can already do both: They send data reliably to the PLC, but also to the data world. Where the customer benefits is that this proven technology can continue to be used going forward, but it is still possible to take advantage of the additional benefits on a gradual basis. SICK present the DOSIC® stainless steel sensor for flow measurement. It detects the flow volume of conductive and non-conductive liquids based on non-contact ultrasonic technology. With its measurement channel and stainless-steel housing, the ultrasonic flowmeter is suitable for measuring tasks in hygienic environments. The compact and rugged design makes the sensor ideal for a wide range of application possibilities, including those where space restrictions or aggressive media play a role. Installation is quick and easy, and does not require medium calibration. The seal-free, self-draining measuring tube enhances process reliability. Up to two configurable digital and analog outputs as well as the IO-Link interface ensure the right output signal. The DOSIC® is EHEDG-certified and FDA-compliant. SICK is one of the well-known producers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications. The company, which was founded in 1946 by Dr. Erwin Sick and has its headquarters in Waldkirch im Breisgau near Freiburg in Germany, is among the technology market leaders. 

    Securing Performance over Time the Focus for Sidel Group Services

    Sidel services

    How services help to build, maintain and improve beverage producers’ line performance throughout their asset lifecycle will be a key highlight for Sidel and Gebo Cermex services teams, exhibiting jointly as part of the Sidel Group at Drinktec 2017. With the marketplace growing ever more competitive and with ever-changing consumer demand for greater flexibility, beverage producers are pushing the limits of their production equipment to their very maximum. This increasingly emphasizes the need to secure optimum performance throughout their asset lifecycle. Jean-François Tourrenc, Gebo Cermex Vice President Services, comments – “Beverage producers need to be able to focus on their core business – achieving the productivity levels and meeting the quality targets that are key to profitability. In order to do that, they need to rely on continuous performance throughout the whole production process. Clearly, each stage of production comes with specific requirements: after designing and building a piece of equipment or a line, a fast and safe start-up allows the benefits of the asset to be realized more quickly through well trained operators. Once production has started, the main objective is to maintain and enhance the value of the investment made in the equipment, getting the most out of it. This is where stable and continuous performance is required, to achieve total control and predictability of line output and operational costs over time.”

    Kärcher’s Machines Save Millions of Litres of Water in Dubai

    Kärcher, the world leader in innovative cleaning technology solutions expertly provides total cleaning solutions that are effective, efficient, versatile at handling more than one task, and that keep up with trends in the cleaning industry. One of Kärcher’s flagship cleaning technologies both in the professional and consumer segments are pressure washers; in 2015, use of the machines in outdoor home cleaning saved 8.9 million litres of water in comparison to the garden hose. The home cleaning variant of the pressure washers can also be used on multiple outdoor surfaces which reduces the total time involved in cleaning. Kärcher’s steam cleaning technology does not require the use of chemicals to render efficient and effective cleaning results. Kärcher’s innovations in engineering resulted in optimized smart machines without over-sized motors. These machines are planned and designed to perform effective cleaning tasks while using less energy. The energy saving machines cut across both the professional and consumer lines and offer various functionalities. The ability to clean effectively, and efficiently without causing harm to both the user (and the environment) is another trend in 2017. User’s safety and well-being is also helped by ergonomic design, which Kärcher considers in the finalization of their cleaning solutions. Height, weight, manoeuvrability, easy access and operations, and comfortable handling, are all considerations that Kärcher’s 1000+ R&D team strive to perfect in the machines. Ergonomic design and easy-handling are yet another trend that is setting standards in the cleaning industry in 2017. Customers and clients expect guidance on proper usage, maintenance, and service of their top-dollar machines. Kärcher understand the importance of direct communication with their clients, and to this end is striving to open service centres for consultation, and after-sales care across the Middle East.