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    Turning Up the Heat in Food Formulations

    Regional flavors 

    Creating the right amount of heat in a food product can be a difficult and delicate process. Consumers are no longer satisfied with the addition of just one type of pepper; they are looking for different flavor profiles, increased levels of heat, and more complex heat. Sophistication is important when developing a hot and spicy food product. There are several ways to add heat to snacks, sauces, and prepared meals that can take the ordinary to a culinary creation. The Kalsec® Heat Management Toolbox can help its customers navigate through the nuances of adding heat to their specific food application. Manufacturers can rely on the company’s experts in flavor, applications and sensory analysis to isolate and develop the ideal heat expression for their products. Below is an overview of the toolbox.

    Specialty Pepper Extracts
    From subtle to sizzling, adding an individual extract such as black pepper, ginger or capsicum can provide manufacturers with the heat level they desire. By incorporating extracts into their application, they can achieve a consistent heat throughout their product, which can be difficult to do with peppers that can vary in their intensity and flavor profile from batch to batch. The company has a full line of specialty pepper extracts that not only provide the level of heat customers are looking for, but also a specific flavor profile. The company’s line of specialty peppers is comprised of twelve different extracts, ranging from low heat such as ancho and pasilla, to medium heat such as jalapeno and chipotle, to high heat such as habanero and ghost pepper extract. The newest extracts include green hatch and serrano pepper extracts. The green hatch is a mild heat and the serrano provides a medium level of heat.

    Adding Complexity with HeatSync® Systems and Fusionary® Heat
    Consumers are craving more sophisticated spicy profiles as their knowledge of cuisines from around the world increases. Kalsec® HeatSync® Systems provide nuances to the heat of the manufacturers’ products that provide control over pungency intensity, location of the pungency on the tongue, the timing of pungency and the sensation or pungent perception. Created from unique combinations of pungent ingredients and carriers, these systems give customers’ application a specific heat profile developed based on their specifications. Companies looking for a novel addition to their heat profile, should try Fusionary® Heat flavor, which combines heat with a non-traditional flavor to create a unique sensory experience. These products provide an incomparable depth to heat expression and can include such elements as savory, sour, sweet and tangy.

    Elevating a Simple Flavor to a Culinary Creation 
    Adding heat to an application can be an easy way to develop a quick product line extension. However, if companies are looking to develop authentic regional flavor profiles such as Shawarma, Mortadella and Baharat, working with a supplier such as Kalsec®, they can achieve the specific regional flavors to their snacks, dressings and prepared meals. The company’s full line of spice and herb flavor extracts can be combined into a single system that can provide its clients with a consistent flavor profile. It has an extensive portfolio of existing flavor systems that they can use in their formulation development. Flavor profile categories include Asian, Mediterranean, Indian, American, Mexican, and Latin American. The company’s global applications experts can assist companies in developing the profile based on their particular desires. Whether they are adding heat, looking to create layered flavors, or adding a twist to a regional flavor profile, Kalsec® solutions can provide them with the right tools and expertise for their application.

    Symrise Unlocks the CODE OF NATURE

    Fresh fruit flavor

    Fruits, roots, seeds, barks, herbs, blossoms and nuts. Nature offers plenty of ideas for inspirational beverage concepts, whether it’s carbonates, teas, juices or alcoholic beverages.
    Consumers love the taste of nature. Naturalness is generally popular around the world, both in mature and emerging markets. At Symrise, experts consolidated their expertise in the strategic platform CODE OF NATURE® and developed beverage concepts that are attractive based on their naturalness. The company looked into naturalness from different perspectives: consumer needs, expert knowledge, cutting-edge technologies, etc. To find out, which aspects of naturalness appeal to consumers, what consumers look for and what they associate with nature we conducted an extensive study. For this, the company interviewed consumers in five countries and enriched the findings with the opinions of industry experts. In its study, Symrise examined what naturalness means to consumers, what they expect of certain drink segments and what products and the packaging should look like. Therefore the company knows how a drink should taste like and which additional characteristics will boost the impression of naturalness. It uses this detailed consumer and market know-how to develop winning beverage concepts. Fruity Essentials® are 100 percent authentic and natural forming the second portfolio of CODE OF NATURE®. This contains red fruits, garden fruits, exotic fruits and citrus fruits. Using its sophisticated, multidimensional technologies, the company captures fresh fruit flavors for impressive beverage concepts for its customers.

    IMA DAIRY & FOOD Presents Innovative Packaging Solutions

    FFS machine "C100"

    IMA DAIRY & FOOD presents various newly developed products at "interpack 2017". Besides machines on display, visitors to the stand can also see packaging machines in action on large video walls as well as partly in virtual reality technology. IMA Hassia extends its product range by adding a packaging machine for portion cups in the low output range – an ergonomic FFS machine for mini-portions. The "P100" as an entry-level machine is particularly noted for its compact design and easy handling. With a length of five meters and depth of approximately 1.3 meters it can be integrated in a space-saving manner in any production facility. The cup web is transported at an easy to use height of one meter, making visual inspection easier for the operator. The output of the new FFS machine is up to 20,000 units per hour depending on format and product characteristics. It is specially designed for mini-portion cups so that smaller volumes can also be produced efficiently. The application range covers practically all liquid and pasty food and dairy products, from butter, margarine or marmalade in a mini-portion format such as for hotel buffets to dressings, sauces or desserts for in-flight catering on board an aircraft. The FFS machine "C100" was developed for cups based on the same machine design.  This model is suitable as an entry-level machine for application rates of up to 7,000 cups per hour.

    Solution-Oriented All down the Line

    BEUMER stretch hood A

    BEUMER Group will exhibit at interpack its high level of expertise as a solution provider for integrated packaging and intralogistics systems. In addition to highly efficient palletizing and packaging systems, the Group also provides tailor-made components for material flows specific to different industries. Customers can get everything from one hand, including the software and comprehensive customer support. As a single-source provider, the company supplies and installs the packaging lines and adjusts them individually to the products of the customer. The new BEUMER fillpac R filling machine fills bulk material from the building materials industry and other industrial pulverized goods into bags in an efficient and gentle way and with the required throughput. It can fill very fine to very coarse materials into different bag formats and types, such as valve bottom bags and flat valve bags. The Group has now complemented the rotary filling machine with a bag placer and a ream magazine. This means that performance and efficiency can be further increased. Due to its modular design, the BEUMER fillpac R can be easily integrated and adjusted with existing packaging lines. The highly efficient form fill seal system BEUMER fillpac FFS is used in the chemical and petrochemical industries. It forms bags from a prefabricated tubular PE film and fills them with the product of the customer. Both systems are equipped with a specialized weighing unit which ensures the correct quantity of the filled material.

    VEGA ADVANCE Exceeds the Current Standards Of Speed

    Vega Advance machine

    Based in the Italian “Packaging Valley”, OCME manufactures high-technology primary and secondary packaging machines as well as fillers, end-of-line and logistic solutions for the Beverage, Food, Detergent, Petrochemical and Tissue sectors. To drastically improve productivity, the company has launched the ADVANCE RANGE, including OCME’s fastest range of palletizers (Pegasus & Orion Advance) and shrinkwrappers solutions (Vega Advance). The VEGA ADVANCE is born to exceed the current standards of speed for the end of line, by matching the market demands to have the fastest available solutions on the market. The high speed shrinkwrapper is able to reach 150 cycles/minute with film only and 120 cycles/minute with tray + film. This machine is composed of a fingers and counter fingers selection system driven by brushless motors and of an oven which ensures high quality film retraction. The film cutting and automatic film splicing of the reels are the company’s patented systems. With Vega Advance, energy savings and safety are combined to perform high level performance and easy maintenance. The engineering team that worked on the VEGA ADVANCE design has not only focused on achieving maximum performance in terms of production speed, but have also sets ambitious goals in terms of profitability and productivity, whilst complying with the highest safety standards.

    Alpina Offers Wide Range of Heating Cabinets

    The Delice model

    When it comes to keeping food warm, Alpina have excelled once again with different heating cabinets, electric or gas. The main benefit of the displays is that they doesn't have a circulation fan, which dramatically reduces the potential for food dehydration. As a result, food stays fresh for a longer period of time, which allows the user to achieve a greater sales volume. The user-friendly nature of the Alpina heating cabinets comes from practical experience. The Delice model for example, is equipped with a multi-part sliding mechanism that can be opened from both sides, left and right. When it comes to the larger version, the Delice 707, two people can remove meals simultaneously, without having to open up the appliance entirely. Humidity can be regulated individually in the gastronomic standard trays with the use of water, and according to specific quality requirements of the dishes in question. The extricable cutting boards placed underneath the appliance slide smoothly along ball-bearings, while the rill along the outside edges helps accumulate excess liquids. All Hot Display Case is perfect for caterers, schools, colleges, universities, cafes, diners and restaurants, where pre-cooked food needs to be kept warm for long periods of time. The gas display cases are perfect for outdoor use and for people who need to transport food regularly. Designed to display pre-prepared foods, they meet all existing safety standards. Keeping food above 65°C is essential for professional presenting of hot tasty food.

    Showmaster Offers Display Cases in Two Different Sizes

    Refrigerated display case

    ShowMaster is a subsidiary of Muhlack Kiel GmbH based in Germany. It is a family owned company for 75 years, specialized in interior furnishing. The ShowMaster is a mobile refrigerated display case in sleek design with smooth edges, providing a hygienic presentation of food. The temperature range is +4° to +10° C maintaining the HACCP rules. ShowMaster refrigerated display cases are available in two diameters: 111 cm and 147 cm. Whether as salad bar, breakfast buffet or dessert display cases, the refrigerated display case is suitable for all food products, guaranteeing long lasting delicious freshness. When closed the display case provides refrigerator temperature. When opened, the acrylic glass hood serves as an effective hygienic barrier. The stainless steel tank is manufactured in one piece without joints, enabling easy cleaning. All refrigerating and electrical parts are made of proven low maintenance or maintenance-free components. Due to their mobility, the display cases has proved themselves to be successful in restaurants, hotels, airline lounges, factory canteens, on cruise liners as well as in supermarkets. Whether customers require a specific color or surface, the team will be glad to make sure that every customer requirement is fulfilled.

    Lulu Group Opens New Hypermarkets in Saudi Arabia

    The opening ceremony

    LuLu Group has opened its latest hypermarkets in the city of Hail, Saudi Arabia. The Hypermarket was inaugurated at a ceremony by Dr. Saud Hamood Al Bugami, Under Secretary of Hail province along with several high-ranking officials from government departments and representatives from local business communities. Also present at the event were Yusuff Ali MA, Chairman of Lulu Group, Saifee Rupawala, CEO, Ashraf Ali Executive Director other senior officials of Lulu along with a large number of residents. The hypermarket, which is the 7th in Kingdom and 133rd to be built by LuLu Group is spread over an area of approximately 160,000 square feet and will serve the residents of Al Jamiyeen District and its surrounding areas with easy access and spacious parking. Chariman of LuLu Group, Yusufali MA said at the event, “We are very happy to unveil our latest hypermarket in Saudi Arabia which will bring world class shopping nearer to people. Our main emphasis is on showcasing the biggest range of “Free From” products such as Gluten free, lacto-free, sugar free, fat free, etc. that have been specially flown-in from our own sourcing offices in UK, US, Brazil and Far East. The excitement surrounding the opening has been building among the residents of this region for several months, and we believe this store will be as popular with shoppers as our other existing stores.”

    Majid Al Futtaim Opens Second Carrefour Hypermarket in Kenya

    Carrefour Kenya Country Manager Franck Moreau Left

    Majid Al Futtaim, the well-known shopping mall, communities, retail and leisure pioneer across the Middle East, Africa and Asia, announced the opening of its second Carrefour hypermarket in Nairobi, Kenya. The retailer’s expansion within the Kenyan market marks a significant milestone in the company’s expansion plans into the African continent. The most recent hypermarket is located in East Africa's pre-eminent destination anchored by the newest retail hotspot in Nairobi, the Two Rivers Mall, and offers more than 30,000 items, including fresh produce and groceries, a fresh bakery, home appliances, electronics and general merchandise. Renowned for great value products and a combination of discount offers, Carrefour promises its customers more than just shopping. As evidenced by the first store, the hypermarket’s customers will continue to enjoy an excellent shopping experience and purchase quality products at even lower costs at the new 7,200 square meters store. Franck Moreau, Country Manager, at Majid Al Futtaim – Retail Kenya said, “At the new Carrefour store, we will remain committed to offering the best price and best merchandise in a pleasant shopping environment as we have at our Carrefour Store at the Hub Mall, because we are in the business of creating great moments for everyone every day. Carrefour is here to be Kenya’s daily shopping partner and strives to make a world class difference to the retail experience and to enrich the lives of all consumers in Kenya.” “We are pleased to see the benefits of Carrefour’s presence in Kenya through continuous job creation and support for local producers. We have so far recruited just over 210 staff members at the Two Rivers hypermarket and by the end of 2017 Carrefour Kenya will have a solid staff base totaling 400 individuals at both stores,” he continued.

    IT Software Delivers Ideal Solution

    EDEKA Rasting cockpit

    An IT solution from CSB-System is helping a production facility of German supermarket chain EDEKA save time and money by optimizing the entire supply logistics at its sites in Meckenheim and Essen.  Since equipping its 80 vehicles with the route optimization solution from CSB-System, Fleischhof Rasting has been extremely happy with the results. The solution uses complex algorithms to calculate the optimal tour for each truck and route, taking into account the specified time-frame of delivery, the different types of vehicle, the availability of vehicles and drivers and any relevant legal provisions regarding driving times – all of which is based on master data stored in the ERP software from CSB.  This new solution has facilitated better planning and implementation of upstream processes. For example, picking at the factory is now precisely tuned to the calculated route and loading sequence. Orders already prepared in an earlier shift are included in planning with orders ready for picking. The optimized routes for the day are then automatically transmitted to mobile data entry devices that connect to the electronic and navigation systems on board the trucks. “In order to optimize deliveries while keeping the prices for the consumers at a minimum, we are using an integrated solution by CSB-System. With the latest upgrade, we incorporated enterprise resource planning, material flows and logistics even more closely,” explains Manfred Sebastian, Head of Business Administration at Fleischhof Rasting. Every day, Rasting's 80 drivers deliver 15,000 E3 crates to 800 customers, partly driving on motorways, but also frequently on country and municipal roads. "For us, this means lots of miles every day, and the delivery addresses and order quantities keep varying,” continues Manfred. “Any small detours of the individual drivers overall easily add up to a few hours’ time and many liters of fuel as unnecessary costs every day.”

    Rasting Truck

    This means it is vital to have good systems and optimized routes. As well as receiving the routes and transmitting them to the systems on board the trucks, the data entry services also document the entire delivery, including any unplanned stops. A permanent online communication is meanwhile established with the host system in Meckenheim, where a control station monitors the vehicle’s position, the reusable handovers and the temperature in the cargo department. "There are no unnecessary detours anymore and in the past months, we could substantially reduce the motorway tolls due,” comments Manfred. The control functionalities integrated into the solution mean Manfred can track and control the drivers' journeys by comparing actual and expected data, and evaluate the amount of time each driver needs for vehicle maintenance, for example refueling, and oil and tire checks. He also has the option, at the end of each route, to call off a software-aided analysis of any deviations from the target specifications and the underlying reasons. Yet another benefit of the CSB solution is the way it has optimized the company's management of reusables, replacing lots of paperwork with a faster paperless system. As Manfred concludes, “The investment in the new solution pays off every day because the quality of our logistical processes for the delivery of our products has increased considerably."

    Araven Created Containers with an Integrated Traceability Label

    Airtight ColorClip products

    Araven, European specialist in food preservation and handling, has launched a new generation of food containers which is going to mark a turning point in the way foodservice professionals preserve food. The containers, made of different materials, have an integrated and permanent traceability label which allows for directly detailing the content helping customers to preserve food with a complete guarantee in hygiene and food safety, as well as to reduce the spoilage of food during preservation. The permanent label which is incorporated in Araven’s food containers is the sole comprehensive system which ensures correct hygiene practices. It is designed specially by the company to help food services to identify the products throughout the whole food chain, thus ensuring its quality. Furthermore, it allows kitchen professionals to identify the content and preserve the information associated to its origin by writing data such as: the origin of said food, its production, preservation date, etc. In order to facilitate the use of the container with the label, the company puts a Horeca Marker at its customers’ disposal with water-based ink, which is non-toxic and easy to clean in the dishwasher. Airtight ColorClip products are made of polypropylene. Thanks to their color identification, cross-contamination is avoided ensuring the content is always of the same nature. Thus, red is for meat, green is for vegetables, yellow for chicken, and blue for fish.

    ZA Packaging Innovates in Metal Packaging Design

    Metal packaging design samples

    For over 200 years, people were obsessed with preserving their food. Not only they found the safest, most environmentally-friendly and economical packaging, they had a love affair with it. As a well-known supplier of metal food cans and covers, ZA Packaging serves its business partners throughout Turkey, the MENA region, CIS, and Europe from several strategically established factories and warehouses. Why cans? Many food processors speculate which package solution is the most suitable to serve the market. The choice of food packaging is imperative in any food business. A choice that might seem a tedious dilemma in order to elucidate all the exogenous and endogenous factors that can influence the quality of the food or impact the choice of the customer. More than 1,500 types of foods are filled nowadays with metal cans. Moreover, innovations in metal packaging design have launched an inspiring episode in the life of the metal can which has defined the metal can position in the consumer market and on the supermarket shelves. The fruits and vegetables are picked and packed in the cans at the peak of ripeness. Therefore, the cans deliver long term food quality and an extended shelf life of more than two years locking in flavor, freshness and nutrients and thus, maximizing consumer convenience. At ZA Packaging, with its state-of-the-art technologies and machineries and expertise, the company provides customers the cans and designs from round to squares that respond to their consumers’ demands.

    The Uncomplicated New Eloma MULTIMAX

    The combi-steamer MULTIMAX

    The new MULTIMAX from Eloma continues the success story of the tested combi-steamer MULTIMAX A and B. In order to facilitate the handling, the company focuses on the essentials. This makes MULTIMAX the ideal appliance for the professional and experienced chef in the commercial kitchen. Simplicity is always a priority when the company develops new products. Work in the kitchen should be easy. MULTIMAX fulfills this need with its language-neutral operating concept. The combi-steamer can be operated intuitively via a 5" display and a push-dial. Thanks to the uncomplicated basic concept, all applications from 30°C to 300°C can be covered with this multi-talent: i.e. steaming, combi-steaming, intensive-steaming, vario-steaming, low-temperature and Delta-T cooking as well as regeneration. The live steam system generates steam directly in the cooking chamber, which is ideal, also for sensitive food. Reliability is one of the core principles in Eloma's corporate philosophy, which is reflected in the combi-steamer’s material selection and quality as well as in the application. Therefore, this it does not only embody the philosophy of the company but it is also the perfect companion for the chef who wants to create tasty, high-quality dishes with passion and focus on a daily basis. The serial SPS Steam Protection System provides additional safety. Once the cooking process has been completed, the steam is automatically extracted from the cooking chamber to protect the user from burnings and to avoid unnecessarily harming the room climate.

    New Options for Blancotherm Synthetic

    Blancotherm K

    With new options, the Blancotherm synthetic food transport containers mean the sky is the limit when it comes to customization. In addition to the standard version in grey, the fittings on most models can now be ordered in four new colors. Added value for the customer: colors can be chosen based on personal preference, or coded for logistical purposes and food labelling, e.g. warm/cold food or halal/non-halal meals. Now, a customer-specific logo can also be laser-engraved on the carrier flaps for the handles on both sides. This results in high-quality personalization that simultaneously creates advertising opportunities for catering, party services, etc. With its four business units, BLANCO Professional stands for high-quality solutions in the B2B sector for commercial kitchens (Catering business unit), hospitals and medical practices (Medical business unit) and as a supplier for industry (Industrial and Railway business units).

    Exotic Ready Meals Get the Authentic Look

    RPC Bebo Barrier Containers Tajine

    A new range of exotic ready meals from the French food manufacturer Soulié Restauration, part of William Saurin, is being given an authentic presence on shelf thanks to a bespoke pack from RPC Barrier Containers that resembles a traditional Tajine. The new design for Soulié Restauration’s Garbit brand comprises a thermoformed multilayer polypropylene container produced by RPC Bebo Plastik, combined with an injection molded PP lid from RPC Bramlage, both in a warm terracotta color. For effective branding, the lid is embossed with decorative details as well as the Garbit logo. In addition to its attractive presentation in retail outlets and in the home, which also means the container can be taken directly from oven to table, the barrier pack’s layer of EVOH provides effective protection against oxygen ingress to deliver an ambient shelf life of 18 months.  Equally important, the lightweight, easy-to-handle pack offers maximum consumer convenience.

    Healthy & Convenient Snacks On The Go

    Mixed nuts

    More and more people don’t eat at home but rather while leaving the office, on the way to the day-care center, or before the gym, which means that the demand for healthy food on the go is increasing. No matter the raw materials, shape, taste or if the snack is coated with chocolate: Bühler’s solutions cover the complete range of end products. Nutritious and tasty cereal or nut bars are particularly popular: “At Interpack, we highlight our competence in the area of snacks by presenting our integrated production solutions, from grain or nuts to the finished bar or biscuit,” explains Thomas Bischof, Head of Bühler’s Business Unit Countlines. Whether it is a substitute for breakfast, a supplement in the daily diet, or an energy boost between meals: Cereal bars are a growth market. More and more people are reaching for these healthy and nutritious snacks while at the office, in school, or on the train. “When Bühler took over the chocolate specialist Hosokawa Bepex, it was able to close an important gap in its portfolio. Now, we can also offer our customers integrated complete solutions for manufacturing countlines, coated items, or cereal and nut bars,” says Bischof. Bühler will display its offerings for making chocolate products, cocoa, nuts, coffee, sweets, biscuits, cookies, crackers, cereal and energy bars, breakfast cereals, and snacks.

    Pieralisi Supplying New Decanters

    The centripetal adjusting pump decanter

    Pieralisi Group provides state-of-the-art solutions in the separation processes with the use of centrifugal force both in the olive oil and in the industrial sector. In the industrial sector, Pieralisi decanters and separators, are placed on a large variety of application fields with a wide range of flow rates such as: Environmental, chemical, recycling, oleo-chemical, mineral fuel and lube oils, animal-based products, food and beverage, vegetable and animal milk products. In particular, in Food and Beverage field, the company provides solutions for the processing of any type of food or drink. From the extraction of fruit or vegetable juices to the processing of solid food, up to the extraction of food additives, paying particular attention to the health and safety with which these products must be treated and in compliance with the world wide regulations in relation to food. The machineries are used in vegetable and animal milk products industries for separation processes and waste products recovery. The new technology of centripetal adjusting pump decanters can be used where two liquids must be separated one from another with concomitant solid separation. It is a machine for the food industry that can be used for example in the clarification of fruit juices, vegetable juices or vegetal milk (made with soya, rice, oat, etc.). The characteristic that makes this machine fit perfectly the food industry, is mainly the absence of the product oxidization during the process.

    Key Technology Introduces VERYX® Digital Sorters

    VERYX® digital sorter

    Key Technology introduces VERYX® digital sorters for nuts and dried fruits. This innovative new sorter is designed specifically to identify and remove even the most challenging foreign material (FM) and defects such as small, loose and embedded shell fragments, membrane material, insect damage, surface scratches, color-based defects, stems, rocks, glass and more. VERYX for nuts and dried fruits achieves unmatched color grading and shell, FM and defect removal while at the same time its extreme accuracy virtually eliminates false rejects. Ideal for sorting walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts, pecans, cashews and dried fruit such as raisins, prunes, cranberries, apricots, figs, dates and more, the sorter guarantees that final product specifications are maintained while maximizing yields. This new level of sorting efficiency allows nut and dried fruit processors to make grade with fewer passes through the sorter, increasing productivity and reducing product breakage. The machine is the only nut and dried fruit sorter that can be configured with front- and rear-mounted laser sensors and cameras to achieve all-sided surface inspection. It is also the only sorter with multi-sensor Pixel Fusion™, which combines pixel-level input from multiple cameras and laser sensors to more clearly differentiate good product, defects and FM. With Pixel Fusion, VERYX consistently removes the most difficult-to-detect FM and defects without ‘false positives.’

    Intelligent software
    The next-generation 4-channel cameras and laser sensors on VERYX offer twice the resolution of previous generation sorters to detect smaller pieces of shell, FM and product defects. The accuracy of the detection system is paired with a high-resolution ejection system, which features the closest spacing between air nozzles of any nut and dried fruit sorter in order to better target and remove defects. Intelligent software manages the air nozzles’ actuation strategy to suit the size, shape and weight of each object being removed. The combined precision of the detection and ejection systems results in the most complete removal of shells, FM and defects without sacrificing good product to the reject stream. The company offers the sorter in a variety of widths to meet the needs of low- to high-capacity nut and dried fruit processors. Thanks to inspection zones that are wider than other sorters with a similar footprint, VERYX enables processors to increase their throughputs by up to 15 percent while remaining efficient in its floor space requirements. 

    The system’s specifications
    The machine marries Key’s expertise in sorting and product handling. The patented Chycane® chute features a patented concave shape that stabilizes product as it transitions into the inspection and ejection zones, which helps maximize detection and removal accuracy. The sorting system includes specialized infeed and collection shakers designed specifically for each product to gently handle fragile nuts and effectively move sticky dried fruits without damage. The company configures each sorter with the ideal sensor types, sensor positions, lighting, ejection system, product handling and software to meet each processor’s requirements. The modular sorter can be easily upgraded in the field with additional or different sensors to handle changing customer requirements. The sorter works perfectly as a stand-alone sorter, both in line or batch fed, and in arrangements comprising a cascading line of multiple sorters, depending on the needs of the processor. Integrating Key’s Cayman® BioPrint® sorter upstream of the machine creates a powerful combination. The Cayman hyperspectral sensors handle even the highest levels of incoming shells and other FM, dramatically reducing them prior to VERYX performing an advanced sort on color, size, shape and structural properties to ensure the desired grade at maximum yield. Designed for extreme ease-of-use, the sorter includes smart features that enable it to adapt to normal changes in the product and environment and perform without operator intervention.