Portion Packs Place High Demands on the Entire Packaging Procedure

    Consumer behavior is changing: demographic developments, changing social and family structures, as well as the rising level of employment among women, are just some of the factors, which have an effect on packaging trends in food. Consumers are increasingly reaching to food products and snacks in packaging units, which meet their particular requirement, for example a portion of salad dressing for the lunchtime salad. In addition to this, hotels and catering companies as well as restaurants continue using more portion packs, since they are hygienic and easy to stock. Producing these packs in the production and packaging procedure is however very challenging. Large pack quantities, frequent format changes, complex pack designs and shapes, as well as the handling of the products and the demands of reliable quality control, mean it is essential to have innovative die technology, extensive project experience and a high level of automation expertise.

    Multivac Offers the Right Solution for Every Need
    MULTIVAC is one of the few suppliers up to now in the market, which is able to cover all aspects of portion packaging and to offer the right solution to meet the customer’s individual requirements. MULTIVAC also has a wide range of thermoforming packaging machines available. A complete and comprehensive range of cutting tools also enables many different pack geometries to be produced. Up to now solutions for producing portion packs were primarily based on high-output packaging machines, which are equipped with a complete cutting tool and designed for large pack quantities. In future MULTIVAC will also be able to offer a new shape and contour cutter, which can be used on all thermoforming packaging machines, even on compact models. The new system was presented for the first time in May 2017 interpack in Düsseldorf. This means producing portion packs is economically viable even on entry-level machines. The investment costs are quickly amortized, the wearing parts are cost-effective, and f lm consumption is reduced significantly due to the trim-free cutting unit.

    Shape and Contour Cutter for Entry-Level Machines
    Thanks to its short set-up time, the cutting system offers a high degree of flexibility for the formats and pack layouts, as well as for the films that can be used. The cutting tools can be changed by operators in a short period of time. The geometry of the dies is designed in such a way, that the usual partitions between the packs are not present. This contributes hugely to reduced consumption of packaging materials. Conventional cutting systems offer little or no possibility of a format change, and it is therefore necessary to install several cutting units one after the other, if different packs are produced on one machine. Since only one cutting unit is required with the new shape and contour cutter thanks to the easy format change, the footprint of the packaging solution is significantly smaller. This means the new cutting system can even be used on compact thermoforming packaging machines. At interpack 2017 MULTIVAC showed a thermoforming packaging machine, capable of being freely configured, together with the shape and contour cutter and the H 052 handling module. The R 145 is a packaging machine in the medium output range which offers an excellent price-performance ratio. Thanks to its wide range of equipment options, it can be designed precisely to customer’s individual requirements.