Haşim: ZA Packaging Is Concentrated on Providing Up-To-Date Packaging Solutions to the Market

    The Middle East Food magazine conducted an interview with Hasan Haşim, COO at ZA Packaging. The company produces a wide range of metal cans for a variety of usages. Since its foundation in 2006, ZA packaging has a considerable market share in MENA region. The company continued its growth to be among the major players in canning industry in turkey, CIS and Europe.

    Q: What is the concept of ZA Packaging?

    Hasan Haşim: The concept of ZA Packaging is concentrated on providing up-to-date packaging solutions to the market, as well as, following up every new technology that might emerge in the industry in order to get the outmost of it.  We believe that the most important part of any industry is the sustainable innovation that keeps the operations’ vitality pulsing all the time from the tiniest to the biggest part of it. 

    Q: Innovations and technological advances have hit the canning industry. What are the new innovations adopted at ZA Packaging?

    Haşim: As previously stated, ZA Packaging has always been up-to-date and a part of the innovative move the Can making world has hit by. We believe and witness that, every day, an idea might illuminate the dark room of someone’s mind either on the market, at the production facility, and certainly in the R&D department. We all work on gathering all the necessary information we have gotten from these phases and deploy them in a very intense development project to search for the needed innovations at site developments. We mention for example our sophisticated monitoring devices that detect all the phases on the production line for more efficient industry with the absolute minimum defect. Moreover, one of our innovative solutions is the palletizing technique: using the best robotic machineries that help preserve more space in loading and handling leading the logistics’ outcomes to be the most efficient in the industry. 

    Q: What are the challenges of canning industry in today’s market?

    Haşim: I believe that the main challenge of canning industry is the urgency to be as flexible as the market needs; and this main challenge is a differentiating criterion that prefers one can maker over the others. Therefore, we focus all the time on how to keep and how to enhance our flexibility in our markets to be ready at all times for all our planned and unplanned market needs. Again, such challenge appears in some regions that potentialize some rapidly emerging markets that requires faster plans in order to get the biggest fishes out of it. 

    Q: How do you find passion and drive to succeed in today’s industry?

    Haşim: The success is being the satisfaction of the market. The performance in the market is the cornerstone of the acquired reputation in the market. How we perform in the market is how we draw our future line of our entity.  Getting closer to the heart of the industry and being part of its innovative revolution is one of our goals. By employing a policy of full customer satisfaction and defect minimization, the system is set to work by gathering, analyzing, and studying data from all production and operation phases to assess and enhance or innovate the work.  This is absolutely one of our success reasons. 

    Q: What makes you so good at what you do? What distinguishes you from other competitors? 

    Haşim: The team work! We at ZA Packaging work in an integrated management system which allocates all departments to work together on the same track using errors and perfections to create a zero-defect process outcome. Simply because due to that harmony in work, the errors become positive points of innovation and perfections become bigger and tighter to get the overall perfection of the workplace either on management or production phase. That would definitely encourage us for doing the best of us all the time.
    Q: What are your goals for 2018?

    Haşim: ZA Packaging as usual doesn’t get enough of development. Our group focus is to keep developing for more expansion to newer markets in newer regions.  ZA recently launched its production facility which entered the full capacity production in Abidjan Ivory coast, to cover our emerging market in West Africa region. ZA also started operating in 1200 m2 distribution hub in Zoeterwoude Netherlands 25km to the east of Amsterdam to serve our markets in Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and northern Europe.