Limagrain Cereales Ingredients, Your French Company Partner

    Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) is a subsidiary of Limagrain, an international cooperative group created and directed by French farmers. As a creator and producer of plant varieties, the company’s markets field seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal products. Moreover, the company develops and manufactures authentic and functional cereal ingredients for manufacturers in the food industry. Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients achieve a turnover of USD129.8 million and add value to more than 200,000 tons of cereals every year. The proximity of our facilities, a few meters from our processing plants surrounded by the fields of the farmer members of our cooperative, allows the full traceability of all products. Thanks to the company’s researchers and technicians who coordinate the programs of selection and improvement for maize and wheat millers and thanks to our 6 factories, the company has developed a comprehensive a large range flours and cereal ingredients. The company offers addresses to all the food manufacturers but its two main markets are SNACKS and BAKERY.
    The company also has a large and comprehensive range for all the industry of Snacks: Maize grits for extrusion, Snacks pellets and Masa flours for Tortillas. Access to the genetic resources of LCI has enabled the development of specific varieties suited to various industrial uses, particularly in direct extrusion, where the consistency and fluidity of our maize grits and flours result in a homogenous extruded product (snacks or breakfast cereals). Granulation, fat content of grits can also be adapted to finished products or density requested. The Limatrace guarantee in the chain ensures compliance with regulation on mycotoxins, GMOs, pesticides and allergens (gluten-free), Traceability (IP sector throughout the chain), Consistency (constant quality - crop area - climate - varietal mix), Functionality (variety - process optimization).