Discover cost-effective bakery production solutions at Gulfood Manufacturing

    Already for many years, Rademaker is a familiar and respected Gulfood exhibitor. The Dutch company is expert in dough sheeting technology and provides industrial bakeries with efficient, cost-effective bakery production solutions. Gulfood Manufacturing offers a great opportunity to discover what the company has to offer for the Middle East bakery sector. The company is considered to be one of the best in the market for industrial croissant production lines. Gulfood Manufacturing visitors will get the opportunity to explore a Rademaker long shelf life croissant production facility. A digital tour is set up to guide visitors through the production processes. In the overall process the company’s long shelf life technology plays an important role. Another focus point at the show is artisan bread production. Artisan bread products experience a growing popularity in the Middle East region. The company’s proven artisan bread production solutions take visitors through the added values. Flexibility is for example one, as a wide range of dough types and bread products can be produced at one single production system. One of the features that realize cost-efficient production is the weighing system. This patented system, that is developed by the company, makes sure that the dough pieces are cut at the required weight. It is considered to achieve the highest weight accuracies in the industry. The capacities of a Rademaker bread production system vary between 500 to 9.000-kilogram dough per hour.