Ishida Helps Italian Breads Reach A Global Market

    The Ishida CCW-14 head 5 liter model

    The speed and accuracy of an Ishida multihead weigher has helped a leading Italian bakery reach a global market. The Ishida 14-head model with 5 liter hoppers has enabled Oropan S.p.A., based in Altamura, Puglia, to triple production of its range of small breads and rolls, while increasing efficiency rates on the packing line by 5% and reducing rejects due to under- or overweight packs by 20%. The new range of 11 different specialist small breads, including Ciabattine, Rosette, Tartarughe, Kaiser and Filoncini Integrali, are being packed into both bags, which are sold fresh locally and frozen for export, and into thermoformed trays for part-baked items, which are also for both local and international sale. The Ishida weigher incorporates a diverting timing hopper that is able to feed both the bagmaker and the thermoformer. For gentle handling of the product, which avoids any damage to the rolls or excessive crumbing, the weigher features bancollan inserts in the hoppers and a bancollan lining in the discharge chute. In addition, the discharge chute is divided into six sections to help direct the breads into the timing hopper, while a ring gate helps to break their fall. Currently the Ishida system is handling around 2,200 packs every hour but this is well within its capabilities and therefore provides Oropan with the capacity for further growth in the future. The line also includes an Ishida DACS checkweigher for final weight checks. This features lockable and liftable castor wheels to enable it to be moved between the bagging and thermoforming lines as required.