Serac & Coveris Received the Ecodesign Award

    Optys bottle

    Launched on the market last year by EKER, a well-known manufacturer of dairy products in Turkey, the Optys bottle has been designed with environment in mind and still provides outstanding product presentation together with lower manufacturing costs. As one of the winners of the « PackTheFuture » competition, they will be part of the candidate list for WPO’s 2018 Worldstar Awards. The Optys bottle is produced in a single stage by vertical thermoforming of an extruded PP sheet on Serac’s machine at medium output (up to 10 000 bph). No further operation is required for bottle’s decoration since the PP sheet is pre-printed by Coveris. This simple, cost-efficient single step process allows to save on supply and manufacturing costs, as well as to reduce the footprint of the packaging line through the removal of the labelling machine or sleeve applicator. The artwork, which entirely covers the bottle (from the bottom to the top of the neck), is printed using the rotogravure technology and anticipates the distortions that will occur during thermoforming (anamorphosis). It is also coupled with an indexing spot that will ensure the setting of the PP sheet on the Serac’s machine: final result is thus as good as with a label or a sleeve but with one stage less in the production process.