Ips-Ingredis a Trusted Partner for Supplying Brazilian FCOJ

    An orange juice production line

    Orange is one of the most cultivated fruits in the world, with its natural juice containing sugar, acids, vitamins, minerals, pectin and pigments, amongst other components. There are hundreds of orange varieties throughout the world, the most common of which in Brazil are Bahia, Pêra, Natal, Valência, Hamlin, Westin and Rubi. Frozen Concentrate Orange Juice (FCOJ) is the main contributor towards the success of orange juice beverages worldwide. It is produced through the removal of water content from the beverage, within evaporators. This process deactivates the microorganisms responsible for the degradation of the liquid. After this first stage, a product that initially contained 10 to 11 Brix of sugar will have a content of 66 Brix - standard FCOJ. The juice concentrate is cooled and mixed with other quantities of the same product to reach the desired quality standard. It then goes into storage tanks cooled to freezing temperatures, allowing the product to be stored up to two years.  The differentiating factor of Brazilian juice processors is the large scale production and refined logistics strategy, which ultimately makes the country the largest exporter of orange juice - with 85% of total world exports. Over 70% of Brazilian exports of orange juice go to Europe, 20% to the USA, 3% to Japan, 2% to China and the rest to other destinations, adding up to 80 countries. There are European countries such as Holland, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland that import Brazilian orange juice and export again to other destinations. Brazil predicts 27% increase in 2017 orange harvest. Despite recent rough years in the citrus market - Brazil is still, by far, the largest orange producer in the world. The country’s harvests are expected to increase by 27% to 18.2 million tons, thanks to a boost in yields from favorable weather which encouraged greater bloom and fruit sets. IPS-INGREDIS is a trusted partner for the sourcing and supply of quality FCOJ from Brazil to fulfil the global demand.