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    More than two hundred years elapsed since the world first witnessed the invention of tin cans.  The company owes this fabulous discovery to the father of canning, Nicolas Appert, who back in 1810 invented the principle of conserving food for the French Army.  And since then, the process of preserving food has been refined by many and further innovations in metal packaging design have opened the road to an inspiring episode in the life of metal cans.  Recently, the consumption of metal cans rose tremendously because the food packagers were conscious that metal cans have become a cost-effective and flexible packaging solution as a key tool to develop brands and drives sales. Thus, to meet the needs and the requirements of the market, the necessity of constantly improving and evolving the machineries and tools is imperative. Therefore, flexibility is a must in the high-speed industries that focus mainly on quantity with the highest level of quality. The total efficiency program embraced by ZA PACKAGING ensures the sustainability of quality assurance programs, which focus on two major issues: reaching zero defect product and satisfying 100% its customers. These are insured first with our state-of-the art technologies and machineries and expertise and by complying with ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 and second by the group’s commitment to assist customers with an ultimate after sales service. With no doubt, the main concern of any can manufacturer is to supply quality can to his clients; thus, requiring momentous procedures in every step in the production cycle. ZA PAKAGING provides a quality product by strongly combining human resource, technical expertise, state-of-the-art machineries and a fully computerized testing and inspection devices. 

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    The company focuses on a well and fully equipped laboratory which emphasizes three major characteristics of the product: it supplies the most tested, safest, and the most hygienic can through the multistage sampling methods.  These intensive testing methods, that are in conformance with the HACCP and the international food safety regulations, highlight the aimed results. Being a multinational company and a leader in supplying metal food containers, ZA PACKAGING is always evolving to respond to the growing needs of the modern consumer lifestyle preferences. In this respect, the company constantly conducts market researches that help crystallize the actual needs of cans in several markets. Though it operates in three different continents, the company constantly strives to spread its products by identifying new markets. Undoubtfully, new opportunities will continue to rise. The company grasps these opportunities, it identifies the client’s needs and priorities and it assists him at each step of the filling process until he delivers the product to the end consumer. With strategically located manufacturing facilities, the company connects markets together. Its manufacturing facility, ZA packaging MTC Co, in the heart of Jordan, in Amman, plays a pivotal role in the supply of metal food can. Being a major shareholder among can suppliers, the company serves Jordanian, Iraqi, Syrian and Lebanese markets “Always on Time”.