MemophenolTM: Rewarded Best Ingredient for Healthy Ageing

    NutraIngredients Awards 2017

    ACTIV’INSIDE is very proud to be winner of the NutraIngredients Awards 2017 with MemophenolTM, selected among several dozens of products as “Ingredient of the Year”, in the Healthy Ageing category. This award recognizes “true innovation and cutting edge research in healthy foods, supplements and nutrition”. More than just an award, this “Ingredient of the Year” prize reflects the uniqueness of MemophenolTM, an innovative formulation clinically proven to improve cognitive functions, resulting from a large International research program and based on a full scientific, demonstrated, published and patented action. Activ’Inside won the battle against several dozens of entries, according to a team of expert judges. Each participant has submitted a file per innovative product by January 2017. The selection was made according to 6 criteria: science, innovation, commerciality, marketing,  markets/channels, nutra pride. Selected as finalist and presented to the jury by the Wednesday 10th May, in Geneva, during the second day of Vitafoods Europe 2017, MemophenolTM by Activ’Inside was announced winner during the awards ceremony by Wednesday 10th May evening. “This award is the reflect of MemophenolTM uniqueness. The committed R&D approaches, with 8 pre-clinical scientific studies performed, combined with the clinically proven effectiveness on learning and memory, are assets and factors of differentiation for a singular Healthy Ageing Ingredient” says Benoit LEMAIRE, CEO of ACTIV’INSIDE. ACTIV’INSIDE is a French creative company specialized in the development and commercialization of innovative botanical oral solutions, with key factors of differentiation on the nutraceutical market. The company is an expert in Saffron (Crocus sativus L.)  and Grape (Vitis vinifera L.)  raw materials. It valorizes saffron and grape health benefits by developing proprietary natural active solutions, based on strong scientific background and clinically proven efficacy.