Gulfood Manufacturing Offers Solutions to Optimize Production & Profit

    The Middle East Food (MEF) magazine conducted an interview with Mark Napier, Exhibitions Director - DWTC, and Show Director - Gulfood Manufacturing to highlight the latest news and trends in food manufacturing by featuring an exclusive focus on the fourth edition of Gulfood Manufacturing. Gulfood Manufacturing is the region’s biggest food and beverage processing industry event which will connect you with suppliers from 60 countries showcasing the latest F&B manufacturing business improvement tools.

    Q: What’s new for Gulfood Manufacturing 2017? 

    Mark Napier: Gulfood Manufacturing 2017 is the fourth edition of the Middle East’s biggest ingredients, processing, packaging, and logistics exhibition, offering end-to-end solutions for the food industry. Running from 31 October to 2 November, the show features five dedicated industry sectors: Ingredients- focusing on the latest in taste and flavor solutions – from amino acids to yeast nutrients; Processing – featuring the latest answers to all needs from baking to water treatment; Packaging - covering everything from consumer trends to cost efficiency; Supply Chain Solutions – which addresses everything from cold storage to forklifts; and for the first time, a sector focused on Automation and Control – which will shine the spotlight on how robotics is revolutionizing the world’s food supply chain. The three-day show, featuring industry heavyweights and key decision makers, will span more than 80,000 square meters of exhibition space across 13 halls at DWTC, providing a unique, tailored platform for food and beverage manufacturers to connect with more than 1,600 local, regional and international, suppliers and service providers from more than 60 countries. Exhibitors and visitors to Gulfood Manufacturing will witness first-hand experience of the latest innovations. To ensure participating companies get the best access to their target partners, this year’s show will feature a ‘Big Buyers’ Program’, hosting more than 2,000 pre-qualified serious buyers from across the MEA region, with a pre-determined budget to spend. Another innovation for Gulfood Manufacturing 2017 is the introduction of the Gulfood Manufacturing Awards, designed to recognize industry excellence in a sparkling ceremony on the evening of 31 October. The awards comprise four major categories: Manufacturing Industry; Ingredients Innovation; Packaging & Processing and Supply Chain with entries judged by an international panel of industry experts in conjunction with the Food & Beverage Manufacturers Group. Additionally, the Gulfood Manufacturing Innovation Tours will present visitors with a unique opportunity to witness real-life innovation at work inside some of the region’s leading, awarding-winning food factories. Gulfood Manufacturing 2017 will further highlight that despite the economic and political challenges around the world, Dubai and the UAE continue to offer a supremely stable base in which to do business, backed by a visionary leadership that is committed to investment and diversification of the economy as part of its long-term growth strategy.

    Q: Automation and Controls will be one of five dedicated sectors at Gulfood Manufacturing this year, what can you tell us about it?

    Napier: The Automation and Controls sector will shine the spotlight on how automation and robotics are revolutionizing the world’s food supply chain. As technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, automation is playing an increasingly important role as the food and beverage manufacturers seek more sustainable, efficient and safer solutions to meet evolving consumer demands for convenience, sustainability and affordability. The PwC report ‘Middle East Industry 4.0’, is evidence of the adoption rate of automation in the F&B supply industry, The report states that companies in the Middle East anticipate significant gains from the adoption of digitization and integration over the next four years, with estimated increased annual revenues of up to USD17 billion across various industries, including product development and purchasing, manufacturing, logistics and service. Exhibitors in the sector, which include first-time appearances from industry heavyweights ABB and Rockwell Automation, will be showcasing automated and robotic technologies and solutions for the optimization of F&B production, including IT, technology, hardware, software, applications etc. together with the operators, facilitators and service providers.

    Q: What are the trends in food manufacturing today in the MENA region?

    Napier: Consumer tastes and preferences are constantly evolving, which means food and beverage manufacturers must adapt and change their operations if they are to stay relevant and attractive to their clients, partners and the consumers. With increasing consumer demand for clean label, convenience, sustainability and affordability, and tighter food safety regulations, manufacturers and producers now need more efficient and cost-effective production, processing and distribution solutions to meet those demands. In recognition of this, Gulfood Manufacturing has evolved and the five sectors within this year’s show focus on the latest trends, providing exhibitors with better access to their target audiences and vice versa for buyers.

    Q: How does Gulfood Manufacturing help manufacturers enhance their F&B production?

    Napier: Gulfood Manufacturing provides manufacturers, food producers and all players across the global food production value chain a unique, tailored platform to connect and network with local and regional partners. The show serves as the perfect conduit for industry stakeholders eager to accelerate their regional distribution and sales potential, and develop new routes in the food manufacturing sector. The continued growth of the show emphasises how the world’s leading equipment, ingredients, logistics and chain suppliers view Gulfood Manufacturing as the preferred platform to leverage an operational foothold in the regional market, specifically via Dubai, and it gives exhibitors an unrivalled opportunity to connect and network with more than 1,600 local, regional and international, suppliers and industry service providers, and explore new business potential.

    Q: What can you tell us about the Gulfood Manufacturing Industry Excellence Awards and the Big Buyers’ Program?

    Napier: New to this year’s show, the Gulfood Manufacturing Industry Excellence Awards will reward best practices & innovation within the food manufacturing industry value chain. Entries will be judged by a panel of qualified international experts spanning the food processing and packaging industries, graphics, equipment suppliers, academia, trade press, governmental, environmental and trade organizations. The winners will be announced at a glittering ceremony on the evening of day one of the show (31 October) in Dubai. The Big Buyers’ Program at Gulfood Manufacturing is one of the biggest hosted buyers’ programs in the region, carefully created and targeted at food manufacturers and professionals seeking the latest ingredients and processing solutions. 2,000 dedicated buyers from across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, nominated by exhibitors, will attend the show with a pre-determined budget to spend with participating exhibitors at Gulfood Manufacturing 2017. Hosted buyers benefit from a range of incentives, including fast-track entry, access to the Hosted Buyers Lounge, accommodation and flights, and invites to exhibition networking events in exchange for pre-scheduling meetings with exhibitors relevant to their target sector, attending meetings and select conferences.

    Q: What were the challenges faced in organizing this year’s event?

    Napier: The global industry is facing several challenges; from the ever-increasing demand for food in the face of rising populations, to political and economic uncertainties and food security issues in several regions of the world. To address these challenges, the event plays a significant role in providing the perfect meeting place for knowledge sharing and networking with industry professionals and right target audiences in one place. Given its geographical location, political stability and a visionary leadership committed to ongoing investment and innovative government initiatives, Dubai is increasingly becoming a key player in the food supply chain. The growth of Gulfood Manufacturing correlates and leverages the emirate’s position as a hub for international food trade. As the region’s premier food supply chain event, it is imperative that we constantly evolve and innovate to ensure the show continues to provide a platform for exhibitors and buyers to meet and form partnerships that will help the industry meet demands and remain ahead of possible challenges.

    Q: What can you promise visitors to this year’s show?

    Visitors to Gulfood Manufacturing 2017 will be granted invaluable facetime with market-leading organizations in their target sectors and will get a rare opportunity to interact with the professionals who can meet their needs and solve their equipment, solutions and support problems. They will have the chance to test new ingredients that will appeal to their customers, discover budget-friendly solutions, and engage in the many benefits of innovation and network with investors to explore potential ventures to grow their business. If you need to manufacture faster, quicker, leaner or more profitably, you will find the technology and knowledge exchange at Gulfood Manufacturing. Gulfood Manufacturing 2017 will welcome the who’s who of the food supply chain industry, with exhibitors from more than 60 countries, including 30 national pavilions, with first-time participation from countries including Poland and across the CIS, opening a range of potential new business avenues for visitors. Gulfood Manufacturing 2017 will see the biggest Italian participation in the show’s history, with 3,800 square meters dedicated to companies spanning all sections of the country’s food manufacturing and equipment industry supply chain. Every major manufacturing nation will be present at Gulfood Manufacturing including Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, USA and the UK. China, meanwhile, will also roll-out its biggest participation to date as the Far East giant challenges the status quo across the industry.

    Discover cost-effective bakery production solutions at Gulfood Manufacturing

    Already for many years, Rademaker is a familiar and respected Gulfood exhibitor. The Dutch company is expert in dough sheeting technology and provides industrial bakeries with efficient, cost-effective bakery production solutions. Gulfood Manufacturing offers a great opportunity to discover what the company has to offer for the Middle East bakery sector. The company is considered to be one of the best in the market for industrial croissant production lines. Gulfood Manufacturing visitors will get the opportunity to explore a Rademaker long shelf life croissant production facility. A digital tour is set up to guide visitors through the production processes. In the overall process the company’s long shelf life technology plays an important role. Another focus point at the show is artisan bread production. Artisan bread products experience a growing popularity in the Middle East region. The company’s proven artisan bread production solutions take visitors through the added values. Flexibility is for example one, as a wide range of dough types and bread products can be produced at one single production system. One of the features that realize cost-efficient production is the weighing system. This patented system, that is developed by the company, makes sure that the dough pieces are cut at the required weight. It is considered to achieve the highest weight accuracies in the industry. The capacities of a Rademaker bread production system vary between 500 to 9.000-kilogram dough per hour.

    Limagrain Cereales Ingredients, Your French Company Partner

    Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) is a subsidiary of Limagrain, an international cooperative group created and directed by French farmers. As a creator and producer of plant varieties, the company’s markets field seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal products. Moreover, the company develops and manufactures authentic and functional cereal ingredients for manufacturers in the food industry. Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients achieve a turnover of USD129.8 million and add value to more than 200,000 tons of cereals every year. The proximity of our facilities, a few meters from our processing plants surrounded by the fields of the farmer members of our cooperative, allows the full traceability of all products. Thanks to the company’s researchers and technicians who coordinate the programs of selection and improvement for maize and wheat millers and thanks to our 6 factories, the company has developed a comprehensive a large range flours and cereal ingredients. The company offers addresses to all the food manufacturers but its two main markets are SNACKS and BAKERY.
    The company also has a large and comprehensive range for all the industry of Snacks: Maize grits for extrusion, Snacks pellets and Masa flours for Tortillas. Access to the genetic resources of LCI has enabled the development of specific varieties suited to various industrial uses, particularly in direct extrusion, where the consistency and fluidity of our maize grits and flours result in a homogenous extruded product (snacks or breakfast cereals). Granulation, fat content of grits can also be adapted to finished products or density requested. The Limatrace guarantee in the chain ensures compliance with regulation on mycotoxins, GMOs, pesticides and allergens (gluten-free), Traceability (IP sector throughout the chain), Consistency (constant quality - crop area - climate - varietal mix), Functionality (variety - process optimization). 

    Health and Convenience Drives Global Frozen Vegetables Demand

    The global market for frozen vegetables is projected to reach 20 million tons worldwide by 2020. The rising demand for a flexible, convenient and cost-effective approach to cooking has diverted many to rely on the latest frozen vegetable concept to fulfil the nutritional meal value in day-to-day living. Frozen vegetables preserve its nutritional value throughout the production process - from the time it is harvested, immediately frozen and then cooked. Clarence Birdseye is credited with inventing the “Quick Freezing Method” in 1924, which has never been more prevalent in the food industry than it is today. Frozen foods are known to be safe and healthy, as it does not require preservatives or additives to retain its shelf-life. At present, many countries are experiencing a shortage of fresh vegetation due to a number of factors, such as: water scarcity, unfavourable climatic conditions and globalization leading to the detriment of fields-producing vegetables. In such countries, quick-frozen vegetables are in high demand. IPS-Ingredis sources a world-class variety of frozen vegetables from China, providing favourable conditions through an abundance of farms and reduced production costs. These vegetables are frozen immediately upon harvesting, retaining its freshness and nutritional composition. The freezing process also retains the natural taste, colour and texture – providing a viable solution for long-term storage, production and consumption of these goods with minimal processing required. Vegetables are harvested according to season followed by cleaning, washing, drying, and cutting into desired sizes or cubes. The freshly cleaned and cut vegetables are then stored (up to a period of 2 years) below -18℃. 

    Tna Takes World’s Fastest Case Packer for Flexible Bags

    tna will present its ground-breaking, ultra-high speed case packer for flexible bags - the tna ropac® 5 - at this year’s Gulfood Manufacturing. The new tna ropac 5 will be one of the many highlights amongst the wide range of innovative packaging and processing solutions the company will bring to Dubai. With equipment ranging from cookers, roasters and fryers, confectionery moguls, conveyors, seasoning and coating systems, cooling and freezing technology, baggers and scales, metal detectors, inserters and labelers, controls systems and case packers – the company delivers one of the most comprehensive ranges of integrated food processing and packaging technology from a single source. “Food consumption in the GCC countries is expected to grow between 3 to 4 per cent annually over the next few years due to the region’s ongoing rise in population and increasing disposable incomes,” comments Mukul Shukla, general manager - tna Middle East. “A lot of food manufacturers are therefore looking for a partner that can help them improve production efficiencies to meet this demand, widen their product portfolio to cater for new tastes or improve traceability to adhere to stricter food quality and safety standards. Thanks to our immense growth over the last 35 years we now offer one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking portfolios on the market. Whether manufacturers are looking to speed up their packaging line, expand their snack flavors or boost the output of their French fry business, our cutting edge technology covers all their processing and packaging needs.” 

    Ishida Flexibility Helps Fruit and Nut Success

    An Ishida 14 head multihead weigher is providing the flexibility to handle a wide variety of dried fruits and nuts at many different target weights for a leading Russian snack food provider supplier FoodArt. FoodArt, established in 2013, is an importer of products such as almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts, dates, prunes, raisins and cranberries, sourced from across the world and supplied to both retailers, under its own brand as well as supermarket private labels, and foodservice outlets. With such a diverse product range, the company required a weigher that had the versatility to handle the many different product types, including sticky dried fruit such as dates and dried apricots, at a large number of weights. The company’s weigher is currently packing 30 different product variations into bag sizes from 50g to 1kg.  Embossed contact parts help to ensure a smooth flow of product, particularly the stickier items, throughout the weigher. FoodArt reports that the accuracy of the machine means that giveaway is practicality zero across all the target weights. “We are delighted with the performance of the Ishida,” comments Pavel Sorokin, Chief engineer at FoodArt.  “Many of these products are expensive so minimising giveaway is absolutely vital to ensure we derive the maximum value from our operations.” With up to 20 product changeovers each shift, the ease of operation of the weigher – with different pack specifications called up at the touch of a button on the machine’s Remote Control Unit – is a particular benefit.  As a result, only three people are required to work on the line at any one time. Speeds are up to 40 bags per minute, depending on pack size, which is well within the Ishida weigher’s capabilities.

    SALTEK Distinctive Production Lines

    In its course of 40 years’ history, SALTEK proved itself on the international level and a trendsetter in the production of Pita Bread Automatic Production Lines. Moreover, based on the needs of the market, it was the first to introduce all the required equipment and solutions that cater the various kinds of healthy lines such as tannour, tortilla, lavash bread, amongst others. As the need of Health and Wellness food products (HW) is increasing, the company strives to introduce new lines and offers complete solutions for healthcare products. In fact, the company’s Lavash and Tannour automatic production lines are the optimum solution for setting up your bakery business. Our distinctive production lines’ characteristics comprehend quality, consistency, reliability, precision, high end engineering, availability of spare parts, durability, proactive follow-up and customer orientation. Moreover, the production range consists of: up to 2300 bread/hour for size up to 230mm or up to 1500 bread/hour for size up to 380mm. The lines are available in 2 options, luxury finishing fully manufactured in stainless steel or painted steel appearance. Moreover, the lines are in accordance to European Community fulfilling safety and hygiene standards for operator and product and in compliance with: Directive 2006/42/EC and LVD/ & EMC Directive. Reference to the Harmonized Standards Used: EN 12042:2005+A1, EN 1672-2: 2005+A1, EN 60204-1: 2006+A1, EN 746-2-2010. Our mission as always, is to treat our customers as partners and have a consultative approach with them.

    Our vision is to remain the global leader in the Pita Bread Bakery Equipment by constantly introducing the latest technological innovation and continuously expand our production capacity to meet with the growing demand by getting into new markets, as well as customizing our newly developed equipment based on the trend in the market.

    Nat Color®: Ready to Challenge Your Imagination

    Nature offers a full palette of bright and vibrant colors. Combined with a pinch of imagination, natural colors can be transformed into a multitude of creative and effective solutions. With over 25 years of experience in the plant world, Naturex extends the realm of possibilities by leveraging its sourcing network for privileged access to a wide variety of raw materials. The company’s botanical expertise across several markets and its global processing capabilities allow it to create unique, high-performance natural colors that benefit from a full array of plant properties. Sustainably sourced around the globe, colors are extracted from numerous natural raw materials, including curcumin, carotene, annatto, paprika, carmine, beetroot, anthocyanins, and chlorophyll. The ingredients can be used to achieve specific color targets with dedicated formulations in a wide range of applications, including beverages, dairy, and confectionery. With SPRINGlab regional application laboratories around the world, Naturex is able to support customers in their shift to natural ingredients. The company assists clients in replacing synthetic colors while meeting their needs in terms of efficacy, stability and cost in use. Making the switch to natural colors has become an even more obvious choice now that regulation in regards to food additives is becoming more stringent. 

    HEAT AND CONTROL Opens a Manufacturing Facility in India

    HEAT AND CONTROL has opened a new manufacturing facility in Chennai, India, which has a manufacturing area of over 11,800m2 (the equivalent of over one and a half soccer fields), making it one of the company’s largest facilities around the world. Building on a foundation of 35 years supporting the India market, the company has invested in a new, purpose built facility at Mahindra World City. The company first established a sales office in Chennai 20 years ago but our growing team and customer base, and decision to begin local manufacture necessitated a larger site. “Heat and Control’s global strategy is to grow our business in areas where we will make a positive difference to our customers. Our recent operational investment in India reinforces the local facility and represents a strong commitment to provide direct access to our manufactured equipment, expertise, and support. I congratulate the amazing Heat and Control team that has worked hard to make this project a reality,” say Tony Caridis – President, Heat and Control Inc. Built in the Mahindra World City – a new purpose-built business hub just 65km from the centre of Chennai – the facility encompasses a modern technical centre and office space of 2500m2. Mahindra World City, Chennai is India's first operational Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and India's first Integrated Business City. Built on the model of sustainable urbanisation Mahindra World City has grown from a bed of business, infrastructure and sustainable practices before evolving into a completely integrated city and is now a mature business district with leading companies such as Infosys, BMW, Braun, Renault-Nissan, Lincoln Electric, among others having set up within its premises. “We are extremely excited about the opening of our new manufacturing and office facility in Chennai,” says Manoj Paul – General Manager, South Asia. “This facility is outfitted with the same cutting-edge technology as all Heat and Control manufacturing sites, and it is well positioned to service our existing and new customers with advanced manufacturing equipment and techniques.” The facility, which has the latest manufacturing equipment such as laser cutting technology, sheet metal machinery and bead blasting technology, incorporates energy efficiency standards replicated from Heat and Control’s global manufacturing facilities. The technical centre, which will be operational by the end of 2017, and will cover an area of over 750m2, allowing customers to test new products and production techniques with guidance from on-site food technologists and engineers. To showcase the workmanship and quality, the technical centre will have equipment manufactured in the new facility. A showroom will also display a range of the company’s equipment. Both the technical centre and showroom will be operational from 2017. First off the manufacturing line at the new Chennai facility will be a range of snack processing equipment. “We already have orders for Namkeen lines and potato chip production lines, which incorporate our HeatWave® Fryer and Mastermatic® range of fryers,” says Manoj. “And the pipeline of projects looks very promising. We will be servicing a very wide region, which not only covers the Indian subcontinent but also extends across Asia. This will position Heat and Control with an even greater foothold in the global food production market.”