MemophenolTM: Rewarded Best Ingredient for Healthy Ageing

    NutraIngredients Awards 2017

    ACTIV’INSIDE is very proud to be winner of the NutraIngredients Awards 2017 with MemophenolTM, selected among several dozens of products as “Ingredient of the Year”, in the Healthy Ageing category. This award recognizes “true innovation and cutting edge research in healthy foods, supplements and nutrition”. More than just an award, this “Ingredient of the Year” prize reflects the uniqueness of MemophenolTM, an innovative formulation clinically proven to improve cognitive functions, resulting from a large International research program and based on a full scientific, demonstrated, published and patented action. Activ’Inside won the battle against several dozens of entries, according to a team of expert judges. Each participant has submitted a file per innovative product by January 2017. The selection was made according to 6 criteria: science, innovation, commerciality, marketing,  markets/channels, nutra pride. Selected as finalist and presented to the jury by the Wednesday 10th May, in Geneva, during the second day of Vitafoods Europe 2017, MemophenolTM by Activ’Inside was announced winner during the awards ceremony by Wednesday 10th May evening. “This award is the reflect of MemophenolTM uniqueness. The committed R&D approaches, with 8 pre-clinical scientific studies performed, combined with the clinically proven effectiveness on learning and memory, are assets and factors of differentiation for a singular Healthy Ageing Ingredient” says Benoit LEMAIRE, CEO of ACTIV’INSIDE. ACTIV’INSIDE is a French creative company specialized in the development and commercialization of innovative botanical oral solutions, with key factors of differentiation on the nutraceutical market. The company is an expert in Saffron (Crocus sativus L.)  and Grape (Vitis vinifera L.)  raw materials. It valorizes saffron and grape health benefits by developing proprietary natural active solutions, based on strong scientific background and clinically proven efficacy.

    Chef Middle East Invests in New World-Class Distribution Center

    Chef Middle East official opening

    Chef Middle East, a well-known regional supplier of the finest quality foods to the hotel, dining and airline industries, inaugurated its new USD20 million world-class distribution center at Dubai Investments Park (DIP). Omar Al Mesmar, General Manager of DIP, attended the grand opening and cut the ceremonial ribbon to officially open the massive 10,000 square meters state-of-the-art facility. The purpose-built distribution hub is the first of its kind for the food industry in the region and hosts one of the most high-tech facilities in the sector. It offers a fully integrated, technology enabled logistics center, allowing Chef Middle East to offer an efficient and reliable end-to-end cold chain solution. The current distribution center is triple the size of its predecessor and includes over 7,000 square meters of temperature-controlled storage areas that can accommodate up to 8,000 pallets of chilled, frozen, and ambient food and food related products. Chef Middle East offers over 4,000 global leading food products with a combination of premium quality ingredients for its rapidly growing regional client base within the region’s culinary community. The company operates a fleet of 50 multi-temperature distribution vehicles. Omar Al Mesmar, General Manager of DIP, said: “The substantial investment by Chef Middle East in this outstanding, state-of-the-art facility is a good example of one of the region’s respected companies investing in Dubai Investments Park and reaffirms the status of DIP as one of the leading and most sought after business parks in the Middle East.”

    Quality Assured with ZA PACKAGING

    Cans by ZA

    More than two hundred years elapsed since the world first witnessed the invention of tin cans.  The company owes this fabulous discovery to the father of canning, Nicolas Appert, who back in 1810 invented the principle of conserving food for the French Army.  And since then, the process of preserving food has been refined by many and further innovations in metal packaging design have opened the road to an inspiring episode in the life of metal cans.  Recently, the consumption of metal cans rose tremendously because the food packagers were conscious that metal cans have become a cost-effective and flexible packaging solution as a key tool to develop brands and drives sales. Thus, to meet the needs and the requirements of the market, the necessity of constantly improving and evolving the machineries and tools is imperative. Therefore, flexibility is a must in the high-speed industries that focus mainly on quantity with the highest level of quality. The total efficiency program embraced by ZA PACKAGING ensures the sustainability of quality assurance programs, which focus on two major issues: reaching zero defect product and satisfying 100% its customers. These are insured first with our state-of-the art technologies and machineries and expertise and by complying with ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 and second by the group’s commitment to assist customers with an ultimate after sales service. With no doubt, the main concern of any can manufacturer is to supply quality can to his clients; thus, requiring momentous procedures in every step in the production cycle. ZA PAKAGING provides a quality product by strongly combining human resource, technical expertise, state-of-the-art machineries and a fully computerized testing and inspection devices. 

    MTC main front

    The company focuses on a well and fully equipped laboratory which emphasizes three major characteristics of the product: it supplies the most tested, safest, and the most hygienic can through the multistage sampling methods.  These intensive testing methods, that are in conformance with the HACCP and the international food safety regulations, highlight the aimed results. Being a multinational company and a leader in supplying metal food containers, ZA PACKAGING is always evolving to respond to the growing needs of the modern consumer lifestyle preferences. In this respect, the company constantly conducts market researches that help crystallize the actual needs of cans in several markets. Though it operates in three different continents, the company constantly strives to spread its products by identifying new markets. Undoubtfully, new opportunities will continue to rise. The company grasps these opportunities, it identifies the client’s needs and priorities and it assists him at each step of the filling process until he delivers the product to the end consumer. With strategically located manufacturing facilities, the company connects markets together. Its manufacturing facility, ZA packaging MTC Co, in the heart of Jordan, in Amman, plays a pivotal role in the supply of metal food can. Being a major shareholder among can suppliers, the company serves Jordanian, Iraqi, Syrian and Lebanese markets “Always on Time”.

    Ips-Ingredis a Trusted Partner for Supplying Brazilian FCOJ

    An orange juice production line

    Orange is one of the most cultivated fruits in the world, with its natural juice containing sugar, acids, vitamins, minerals, pectin and pigments, amongst other components. There are hundreds of orange varieties throughout the world, the most common of which in Brazil are Bahia, Pêra, Natal, Valência, Hamlin, Westin and Rubi. Frozen Concentrate Orange Juice (FCOJ) is the main contributor towards the success of orange juice beverages worldwide. It is produced through the removal of water content from the beverage, within evaporators. This process deactivates the microorganisms responsible for the degradation of the liquid. After this first stage, a product that initially contained 10 to 11 Brix of sugar will have a content of 66 Brix - standard FCOJ. The juice concentrate is cooled and mixed with other quantities of the same product to reach the desired quality standard. It then goes into storage tanks cooled to freezing temperatures, allowing the product to be stored up to two years.  The differentiating factor of Brazilian juice processors is the large scale production and refined logistics strategy, which ultimately makes the country the largest exporter of orange juice - with 85% of total world exports. Over 70% of Brazilian exports of orange juice go to Europe, 20% to the USA, 3% to Japan, 2% to China and the rest to other destinations, adding up to 80 countries. There are European countries such as Holland, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland that import Brazilian orange juice and export again to other destinations. Brazil predicts 27% increase in 2017 orange harvest. Despite recent rough years in the citrus market - Brazil is still, by far, the largest orange producer in the world. The country’s harvests are expected to increase by 27% to 18.2 million tons, thanks to a boost in yields from favorable weather which encouraged greater bloom and fruit sets. IPS-INGREDIS is a trusted partner for the sourcing and supply of quality FCOJ from Brazil to fulfil the global demand.

    Serac & Coveris Received the Ecodesign Award

    Optys bottle

    Launched on the market last year by EKER, a well-known manufacturer of dairy products in Turkey, the Optys bottle has been designed with environment in mind and still provides outstanding product presentation together with lower manufacturing costs. As one of the winners of the « PackTheFuture » competition, they will be part of the candidate list for WPO’s 2018 Worldstar Awards. The Optys bottle is produced in a single stage by vertical thermoforming of an extruded PP sheet on Serac’s machine at medium output (up to 10 000 bph). No further operation is required for bottle’s decoration since the PP sheet is pre-printed by Coveris. This simple, cost-efficient single step process allows to save on supply and manufacturing costs, as well as to reduce the footprint of the packaging line through the removal of the labelling machine or sleeve applicator. The artwork, which entirely covers the bottle (from the bottom to the top of the neck), is printed using the rotogravure technology and anticipates the distortions that will occur during thermoforming (anamorphosis). It is also coupled with an indexing spot that will ensure the setting of the PP sheet on the Serac’s machine: final result is thus as good as with a label or a sleeve but with one stage less in the production process.

    TOMRA Ships World’s Largest Steam Peeler

    The Eco steam peeler

    TOMRA Sorting Food has delivered an industry first in the form of the world’s highest capacity steam peeler, which will be used by a leading potato processing company. The new Eco steam peeler stands more than eight meters tall, and has the capability to peel 650kg of potatoes in less than seven seconds. The processing capacity of the steam peeler is more than 65,000kg of potatoes per hour or a daily rate of 1,560,000kg. Eamonn Cullen, market unit manager peeling at TOMRA Sorting Food: “When you consider this pressure vessel will peel almost 3,000 individual potatoes in less than seven seconds, these results demonstrate the scale of the achievement.” Steam peeling has for a long time been the most efficient method of removing skin from the surface of vegetables. The new Eco steam peeler is not only the fastest steam peeler; it is also the most efficient in the industry using 28% less steam than other peelers of its type. Eamonn continues: “We were the first to introduce high pressure steam peeling to the vegetable processing industry and we have continued to invent technologies to improve steam peeling performance. This latest steam peeler enables processors to reduce the energy consumed in the process to levels not seen in the industry before. “TOMRA’s mission to lead the resource revolution, through innovative solutions for optimizing our world’s resources is at the core of what we do.