Automation Boosts the Global Meat Processing Equipment Market

    Consumers are now more inclined towards protein rich food. With the increasing income and the busy schedule, convenience food is becoming popular among the working class. Consumers prefer ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook meat products with great quality and taste as their priority. Hence, processed meat is gaining popularity and its market is also increasing worldwide. The meat processing equipment market, estimated at USD9.6 billion in 2016, is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7%, to reach USD14.6 billion by 2022, according to a recent report by ReportsnReports. The market is primarily driven by factors such as increased demand for processed meat products and rising safety regulations generating the need for sophisticated equipment. 

    “The cutting equipment segment dominated the meat processing equipment market”

    Meat processing industry plays a major role in economy and feeding the world’s huge population base. Meat processing equipment simplify the process and make meat tender which improve the taste and eases the cooking. Equipment reduce the labor cost and yield high end-use products. The spending capability on processed food is rising tremendously hence there is huge growth of meat processing market. Major industries are replacing conventional machineries with advance automated machines to overcome the labor cost, attain high productivity, and improve the quality of finished products. This factor is likely to drive the meat processing equipment in the forecast period (2015-2021), according to a report by Zion Market Research. In addition, increasing demand from the emerging economics and investment of major players in the India and China for the processing plant is likely to open new opportunities in the near future. However, high cost of equipment and complexity in handling the machines as compared to conventional methods is the major restrains for meat processing equipment market. The meat processing equipment market can be segmented on the basis of meat type, equipment and region. There are three widely consumed types of meats which include duck meat, chicken meat, turkey meat and other types. Chicken is the potential segment and is expected to maintain its growth owing to stringent laws in some of the regions on the consumption of beef. Several equipment such as killing & defeathering, cut-up, evisceration, deboning & skinning, marinating & tumbling, freezing and others are the most widely used equipment for the processing methods. Killing & defeathering equipment is significantly growing segment owing to high requirement from the processing industry. The cutting equipment segment dominated the meat processing equipment market among other equipment, according to MarketsAndMarkets. As meat processing equipment are designed to simplify different process in meat processing. Therefore, cutting equipment are most common food processing equipment, which are used widely in the food industry and is a pre-requisite in every meat processing plant. Fresh processed meat accounted for the largest share in the product types of meat processing equipment in 2015. Fresh processed meat products are obtained by mixing various quantities of animal fat with muscle meat. These products are treated with only salt and are processed by adding non-meat ingredients in smaller quantities for improved binding and flavoring. This segment includes products such as sausages, which are made by filling fresh processed meat into bread casings, patties, and kebabs. North America and Europe are considered to be the most prominent markets for the meat processing equipment. North America has maximum percentage of meat eaters on daily basis. Asia Pacific is witnessing an unprecedented boom in recent times. This mainly contributed by increasing consumption of meat along with surging discretional income from the emerging countries particularly India and China. Processed meat is gaining demand in Asia Pacific due to ease of cooking and great taste. Latin America exhibits higher growth rate owing to changing preference towards the processed meat. Middle East and Africa are likely to experience sustainable growth in the near future owing to improving living standards. 
    Fatima Saab
    Editor  & Researcher